2021 Nurses Day 100th Anniversary Thanksgiving Speech 40 Sentences

2021 Nurses Day 100th Anniversary Speech 40 Sentences of Thanksgiving

Introduction: Salute! Angels in white clothes fighting on the front line of the Anti-Japanese War! May the haze dissipate one day soon , may the spring breeze knock on the door of home one day earlier, and may we walk out of the closed door one day earlier. Good morning, you are well, I am fine! The following is the 100th anniversary speech of the 2021 Nurses' Day selected by the editor of Inspirational Stories.com for you.

1. You are the kindest.people. You are the most important social actor.

2. You are the lotus that will always bloom in my heart. No matter how old or wild, the lotus pond is my home.

3. Love is on the left, sympathy is on the right, walking on both sides of life, sowing seeds at any time, blooming at any time, embellishing this long distance with fragrant flowers, making pedestrians wearing sticks and leaves stepping Thorns, do not feel pain, have tears to shed, do not feel sad. ”

4. Missing is a pot of sweet wine, greetings are a gorgeous rainbow, and blessings are unchanging memories deep in the heart. The Rain Festival is coming, drench away all your troubles, bring Give you a smile like a flower. I wish you will always be as beautiful as a flower.

5. Spread love wholeheartedly, and dedicate with all your blood.

6. Dear angels in white : You are retrogrades against the wind! You are warriors who charge forward! You are fraternal and benevolent heroes!

7. The disease shrinks in your smile, the pain returns to zero in your holiness, and the disease Die under your care, Nurses' Day, I wish nurses friends, happiness, health, good luck, Happy Nurses' Day!

8. Hold a bouquet of warmth, pick a romantic flower, bring a white angel, and bring With a pure dream, I walk on the road of blessing, and I sincerely wish: Your wishes come true, Happy Nurses' Day!

9. Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow , hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, life after life.

10. Seeing the hunger and thirst of all things, God created water; seeing the darkness of the world, God created fire; seeing the world I am sick, and God sent an angel in white. Happy International Nurses' Day to all nurses!

11. Your smile is full of love in the world, your care is full of tenderness of life, and your focus is full of tenderness. Full of professionalism, your youth shines brightly under the white clothes. Nurses’ Day is here, and I pay tribute to the nurses and friends who have been sticking to the front line of service.

12. Salute! The angels in white who fought on the front line of the Anti-Japanese War !May the haze come soonerThe sky is gone, may the spring breeze knock on the door of home one day earlier, and may we walk out of the closed house one day earlier. Good morning, you are well, I am fine!

13. You are the gospel, passing on the news of health; ;You are the most holy nurse in the world, spreading the most sincere care. Nurses' Day is here, and I wish nurses and friends all over the world a healthy life.

14. Donate to disaster relief and rescue, save the dying and heal the wounded and fight the front line. The tent hospital shows its heroic appearance, and the angels in white show their abilities. Selfless devotion to the safety of patients, smart and skillful hands to build the hospital bed. Warm and enthusiastic comfort to the wounded, praise of patients who take care of everything. The International Nurses' Day is coming: Disaster Relief Nurse Sisters, the people in the disaster areas will remember it in their hearts.

15. No matter how high the sky is, how deep the sea is, how hard the steel is, how strong the wind is, how long a foot is, how wide the river is, how strong the wine is, how cold the ice is, how hot the fire... I just want to tell you You, these are none of your business! Please invite me to dinner on Nurses’ Day, let’s be happy together!

16. You are the messenger of happiness, let people see the light in the dark, you are an angel sent by God, Let people watch in solitude, the angel in white clothes, your figure is so beautiful, let the world, only happiness and well-being remain.

17. Dressed in white, quietly and silently, but passing on love; a thermometer, silently, but linking health; Pay tribute to the most ordinary nurses!

18. The sick and intestines are rested, and the old ones are retired from the doctor. If you don't die, you will return to Pengdao, and if you don't have life, you will have a master of snow mountains. When the floating clouds gather and disperse, they are all concerned, and when the bright moon meets, it is easy to raise eyebrows. It's better to hold in the middle and think about it than to think about it when it's not budding.

19. The warmest voice is the nurse's greeting; the warmest concern is the nurse's gaze; the warmest care is the angel's care; the warmest blessing is the angel's blessing! Nurses May the beloved angels in white have a safe and happy life!

20. Wear white clothes and a swallow hat, respect life, love life, and use enthusiasm to exchange for the health and safety of others. Fight against the wind and fight for your life. Happy Nurses' Day.

21. Whiteness is your clothes; smile is your image; selflessness is your dedication. Angel in white, you are the embodiment of health, you are the hope of life. Nurses' Day is coming, I wish you auspiciousness.

22. Every day, on the way forward, angels in white are our good name, and family doctors are our glory.

23. I wish all the nurses good health, family happiness, beauty and youth forever, and happiness accompany every day.

24. As Nurses’ Day after another ushered in so many new hopes and sent away so many nursing seniors who dedicated their lives, we have walked in the footsteps of Goddess Nightingale from generation to generation. The love of the world is sprinkled on both sides of life, and we are working hard to have the honorable and revered title of nurse.

25. A smile is like a spring breeze, dissipating the painful cold; care is like a homePeople, care about the patient's condition; Urgent need is the responsibility, and the patient's needs come first; Nursing is language, fill the dictionary of love. Angels in white, Happy Nurses' Day, I wish you happiness and happiness.

26. You have: an angelic smile, shining like the sun. The work is careful and thoughtful, busy and tireless. Drive away disease and bring health and happiness. Pay tribute to the angels in white, and wish a happy Nurses' Day!

27. Take off the red makeup and wear white clothes, and be ordered to go to the military plane when in danger. The women showed their heroism, and the men and women waved the battle flag together. Sweeping the plague, beautiful stunts, three mountains shaking the world and creating a miracle. The slender hand cuts the evildoer, and the iron bone strengthens the hero.

28. White clouds are the auspicious flowers blooming in the blue sky; waves are the happy knots embroidered by the sea; angels are the messengers of true love from God; nurses are the benevolent gods in the hearts of patients, and today is Nurses' Day , happy holidays.

29. There are some people who wear airtight protective clothing and shuttle in front of death; there are some people who put away their childishness, put on white coats, and bravely stand in front of the virus. They are none other than the retrogrades who are fighting bloody battles against the virus—the angels in white.

30. An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me, and a pear a day keeps the nurse away from you. Today is Nurses' Day. I wish you good health forever, stay away from hospitals, nurses, and illnesses forever. Happy Holidays!

31. When the disease is around you and me, you realize that a warm holiday has come. At this moment, everything may be lost, but the only thing that cannot be forgotten is to say hello to you : Happy Holidays!

32. I pour water from my heart to extinguish the flames of your wounds, and I use true love to heal the wounds of your soul.

33. Little nurse/I hope you can remember me/Please don’t ask me why/I’m just a passer-by among your thousands of patients/You are the brightest star in my heart/ One of the most beautiful flowers.

34. When I am helpless, it is you who comfort me. In times of crisis, you are by my side. It is your consolation and waiting that brought me back to life. You are an angel descending and spreading love all over the world. I was once the flower comforted by an angel. Let me say to you softly: Happy Nurses' Day!

35. Pay tribute to the medical staff, you are the most beautiful and lovely people, may the beauty always be with you?

36. There are too many words to praise you, I can only use holy to summarize, the words to praise you are too beautiful, I can only sum it up in terms of holiness, you are a beautiful angel in white, and Nurses’ Day is here, I wish all nurses happy, healthy and safe!

37. Nurses’ Day Message 2

38. So where does the nurse's time go? Nurses' time slipped away from the moment of morning care for patients at the beginning of the day. Nurses' time slipped away between patrolling patients in the shuttle ward, giving injections and infusions for treatment, and nurses' time also slipped away before patients' meals. The time between taking medicine after meals slipped by, and there were many nurses who spent their time passing between the changes of the night clock, silently becoming the guardians of life.

2021 Nurses Day 100th Anniversary Thanksgiving Speech 40 Sentences

39. Wearing white clothes, sending all kinds of warmth; some words, dispelling doubts. You are not a doctor, but responsibility is equally important. A piece of love was spread in the ward. You are an ordinary but great angel in white, bringing us health and laughter. Nurses' Day is here, I wish you happiness!

40. Entrust the air as the postman, bind my warm greetings into a package, print the postmark with my heart, send it at a constant temperature, and the recipient is you. I wish you: Happy Nurses' Day!

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