Bedtime Story: Petal Butterfly

Lingling made a butterfly out of flower petals, and made her antennae out of two very thin blades of grass, and then stuck the butterfly on the window glass.

The butterfly was very proud, she flew out when Lingling was not paying attention, but she was made of petals, which was different from other butterflies. At this time she met a real butterfly:

"Hello, I am also a butterfly, I want to play with you, okay?"

The butterfly was taken aback for a while , and then said: "But you are different from us, you are made of petals!"

The petal butterfly said: "Although it is different, I can protect you!"

> While they were talking, a naughty little boy came, he wanted to catch the butterfly, at first he reached out his hand to the real butterfly, and the butterfly was caught between his hands .

"Catched, caught!" The little boy shouted happily.

At this time, the petal butterfly flew over: "Catch me, catch me, I am also a butterfly!"

The little boy saw another butterfly flying, which was quite beautiful. Then he released the real butterfly and went to catch the petal butterfly. The petal butterfly shook back and forth, but was caught by the little boy. At first he saw that it was a fake butterfly made of flower petals, and threw it away because it was not fun.

In this way, the butterflies were saved, and when the petal butterflies also escaped and the little boy flew over, the butterflies all started playing with her.

The petal butterfly is not afraid of chewing, fire, cold or heat, so she can save the whole butterfly group.

But winter is here, and the petal butterfly has no home, so she just flies and flies, no matter where she goes, she still keeps flying forward, and she doesn't know how many places she has flown.

On this day, she flew to a window, looked in, and was surprised to find that the little boy catching butterflies was sick, and his mother accompanied him to feed him medicine: "Mom, when can I get out of bed?" Well?"

My mother said, "You will be fine when the flowers bloom in spring."

"Ah, butterfly!" The little boy looked up and saw the petal butterfly. He thought spring was coming, which made him see the hope of recovery!

Bedtime Story: Petal Butterfly

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