Character of the hour: Introduction to Concubine Jing in The Legend of Zhen Huan Why is Concubine Jing infertile? How would you rate Concubine Jing?

The draft is an important way for the emperor to fill the harem. Every election, there will always be a lot of fresh blood injected, causing a new disturbance. Year after year, time after time, the women in the harem come and go, but there are always one or two who can always stand and stand to the end.

The concubine Jing in "The Legend of Zhen Huan" is such a woman. She is not a new beauty brought into the harem, as early as when the emperor was still the prince, she served in the hidden mansion, so she can be said to be an old man in the harem. The story of "The Legend of Zhen Huan" happened to the end, not to mention the women in the Qiandi period, even the women who were drafted later gradually disappeared. Only Concubine Jing, who had the last laugh, was able to become a concubine and take care of herself for the rest of her life.

Of course she didn't mean how much she was favored by the emperor. When Zhen Huan entered the palace, Concubine Jing had already lost the favor of the emperor. She only survived in the harem by relying on her aloofness from the world and her qualifications of the older generation. Because she didn't have close friends with others and was not favored by the emperor, she didn't arouse the jealousy and frame-up of her favorite concubine.

Character file

Name: Feng Shi (Feng Ruozhao in the novel)

Adopted Daughter: Princess Obscure Moon

Ethnicity: Han

Enemies: Empress Ulanara Yixiu, Concubine Hua Nian Shilan< /p>

Husband: Emperor Yongzheng (TV series)/Xuan Ling (novel)

Allies: Shen Meizhuang, Ye Lanyi, Duanfei, Xin Concubine

Alias: Concubine Feng's

Title: Concubine Jing→Concubine Jing→Concubine Jinggui→Concubine Jinggui


Nationality: Qing Dynasty

Allegiance: Zhen Huan

Occupation: Xuan Ling (novel) / Concubine Yongzheng

Character of the hour: Introduction to Concubine Jing in The Legend of Zhen Huan Why is Concubine Jing infertile? How would you rate Concubine Jing?

Bedroom: Xianfu Palace → Compassionate Palace

Main achievement: Helping Zhen Huan raise her daughter, Princess Ozuki; Helping Shen Meizhuang from poisoning

Concubine Jing is not noticeable at the beginning of the story, because she is neither a favored concubine nor a woman with a deep heart. The way for her to survive in the harem is to stay aloof from the world. Which woman doesn't want to be loved by her husband, and the reason why Concubine Jing has such a temperament of indifference to the world is because she is disheartened.

Because Concubine Jing lived with Concubine Hua back then, she was hurt by Huan Yixiang, and she will not be able to give birth in this life. Although she may have a glimpse of what's going on, she can't seek justice for herself, and must swallow this bitterness in her mouth. When she knew what kind of person the emperor was, she completely stopped fighting for favor. In the harem, it is like a person outside the play, watching the battles between concubines and concubines in the harem.

Concubine Jing deeply hates Concubine Hua and the Empress, and may even have a hatred for the Emperor. Maybe because she saw her former self, she did it conveniently and helped Zhen Huan. It was her help that benefited her for the rest of her life.

Before Zhen Huan was forced out of the palace, she gave birth to Princess Obscure Moon. Zhen Huan wanted to leave the palace, so naturally she couldn't take her daughter with her. After seeing the entire harem, she chose to hand over Ozuyue to Concubine Jing.

Because she was unable to give birth to a child, Concubine Jing was very eager for offspring. The arrival of Princess Obscure Moon suddenly added color and hope to her gray and gloomy life in the harem. Concubine Jing treats Ozuki as her own daughter, and she is well educated. Also because of this, after Zhen Huan returned to the palace, she was afraid that Zhen Huan would take Miyue away from her, so she once turned against Zhen Huan. After the two resolved their misunderstanding, they reconciled, and since then they have shared a common hatred.

Concubine Jing witnessed how Zhen Huan killed her enemies step by step and stood at the top of the harem. And because of her friendship with Zhen Huan, Concubine Jing was able to receive preferential treatment from Zhen Huan. After the new emperor ascended the throne, she was named a concubine, and lived a happy life thereafter.

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