Children's short story: the follow-up of the tortoise and the hare

"The Tortoise and the Hare"

It is said that after the tortoise beat the hare, the hare was very upset. Three years later, the hare challenged the tortoise again.

When the tortoise, who was enjoying the massage service in the bathing center, received the rabbit's call, he was taken aback, then smiled disapprovingly, and agreed to the rabbit's invitation.

The turtle recalled the scene three years ago beautifully. After the tortoise defeated the rabbit three years ago, a group of animals rushed to him immediately. There are journalists, publishers, directors, hotel managers and so on and so forth. A journalist with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks asked the tortoise holding a trophy, can you tell me about your current mood? The tortoise touched his head in embarrassment and said, don't talk about it, I am very excited. After the award ceremony, Mr. Fox, the manager of the "Happy After Drinking" restaurant, came up to the turtle and said, man, seeing that you are so happy today, why don't you go to my little brother's humble shop to celebrate. The tortoise thought to himself, this is the most luxurious restaurant in the city, and it is said that it has four stars. Seeing that the tortoise was still hesitating, the fox persuaded with a smile, I said, man, it's rare to be so happy today, how about I give you a 30% discount? You got such a generous bonus, do you still care about this little money? Upon hearing this, the tortoise thought it was the same, it was rare for him to become famous, and it was worth celebrating, so he made a phone call back to call his family, and then headed for the after-party in a mighty way.

Children's short story: the follow-up of the tortoise and the hare

The next day, the "Global Express" reported the tortoise and the hare race in the form of headlines, and soon "Animal Sports News" took up half of the page with the title "The Turtle Galloping the Field" Reported the entire game. The official website of the Animal Sports Association opened up a new forum dedicated to the topic of "Why the Turtle Can Win the Championship" for netizens to discuss intensely. Major radio stations called one after another to invite the tortoise to participate in the talk show. The tortoise sat in the live broadcast room, scratched his head in embarrassment, and talked about his path to success in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. Soon the tortoise became a phenomenon, and a book "How to Win Other People's Cheese" written by the famous writer Mr. Elephant and dictated by the tortoise turned out to occupy the entire book market.

After a week of busy work, the tortoise wanted to have a good sleep at home, but unexpectedly just lay down beautifully. A 30-second advertisement will give a reward of 1 million. The tortoise almost stopped eating after hearing this, and quickly asked, is this true? The manager patted his chest and said, don't worry, the deposit has been brought to you. This is 500,000 yuan. You can order first. The tortoise saw it and immediately agreed. So for a long time to come, everyone will be able toOn the TV, I saw the tortoise holding a box of brain red gold on all fours and smiling happily at everyone: "This year, no gifts will be accepted during the holidays, and only brain red gold will be accepted for gifts." With the broadcast of the advertisement, the reputation of the tortoise is linear rise. One after another, some advertisers asked Wu Gui to be their product spokesperson, and he never refused. So when everyone is watching TV dramas, the tortoise will suddenly jump out and say, "I ate super calcium a few days ago, hey, now my waist is no longer sore, my legs are no longer painful, and I can walk with strength." Or " New fashion for sports, Mingle sneakers.”

Universal Entertainment Records also found Wu Gui and discussed with him about releasing a record. The tortoise said, am I still singing with my broken voice? The manager, Giraffe, patted the turtle and said, what are you talking about? Nowadays, the younger generation likes to listen to rock and roll. I think your voice is both hoarse and magnetic. I promise you will become popular in the music scene within a month. So a record tailor-made for the turtle by the famous music producer Lark was launched on the market, and the sales volume exceeded 20 million copies within a month. Turtle has countless fans all over the world, and his song "I'm a Running Turtle" won the Best Song Award of the Year.

The turtle woke up beautifully from the memory. I went to the counter to pay the bill in style, and then walked out of the bath center swaggeringly.

The day of the competition finally came. The tortoise came to the field early, and found that the rabbit had come earlier than it, and was already doing warm-up exercises there. The tortoise gave the rabbit a disdainful look, and also twisted its fat body.

Since he beat the rabbit in that race, the tortoise's reputation has become popular, and he has to deal with countless banquets every day. After dipping in the wine glass, I have to go to another hotel. Of course, the tortoise also got to know a lot of officialdom leaders.

The big black bear blew a whistle - "beep...", and the rabbit rushed forward like an arrow. The tortoise was not in a hurry, lit a cigarette slowly, and walked forward gracefully.

The result of the competition was the same as last time - the tortoise won.

The rabbit rushed to the judges angrily, entangled the thin monkey and shouted: "Do you have eyes? I was the one who crossed the finish line first. Why did the tortoise win?" The rabbit pulled to a corner, patted the rabbit on the shoulder, and said softly: "Brother, yes, it is true that you ran to the finish line first, but there is no way, because our chief judge is the second uncle of a friend of the tortoise." , this..." The rabbit left helplessly before the thin monkey finished speaking.

When the rabbit comes home, its eyes are bloodshot with anger, which is why the rabbit is jealous all the year round.

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