Children's story: The king is sick

The king is sick, can't eat or sleep, and doesn't care about state affairs. The ministers went to the doctor, and the doctor made an exercise record for the king: Climb the mountain on Monday, Horseback riding on Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday, baseball on Thursday, jogging on Friday, morning exercises on Saturday, and rest on Sunday.

The next day, the king got up very early, prepared the sedan chair, and said: "I'm going to climb the mountain." The queen was worried, and asked the eldest prince to go with the king and climb to the top of the mountain. The scenery here is so beautiful! Son, let's go down the mountain and climb again!"

On Tuesday, the second prince took the king to ride a horse, and the king said: "The horse runs so fast, run around again, run around again "

On Wednesday, the third prince took the king to swim, and the king said: "Swimming is quite comfortable, you can go home after swimming in the evening!"

On Thursday, the king went to play baseball, The king said: "This game is really fun, play again, play again!"

On Friday, the ministers took the king to jog, and jogging was quite comfortable.

On Saturday, the queen personally accompanied the king to do morning exercises, and the king kept counting the beats: one, two, three, four, two, two, three, four...

On Sunday, I could finally rest.

The king's illness is not cured yet, but other people are ill. The king went to the doctor and said, "Why is my illness not cured yet, but they fell ill?"

The doctor laughed and said: "You are not exercising at all, you just sit in the sedan chair and watch others exercise, so others have overexercised and fell ill."

The king listened to the doctor and went to climb the mountain every day , Swimming, riding a horse, and walking with the queen in the evening, the king's illness was finally healed, and he became more and more intelligent, and he was loved by the people.

Children's story: The king is sick

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