Chinese historical story: the most unlucky official second generation in the Qing Dynasty

There were many corrupt officials in Qianlong Dynasty of Qing Dynasty. In addition to He Wen, the number one corrupt official in ancient and modern times that we are familiar with, in the forty-sixth year of Qianlong, there was also a very powerful corrupt official named Wang Danwang. If it wasn't for He Kun who went up every day and chased after him, he would probably become the most corrupt official in the Qing Dynasty. What's more interesting is that Chen Huizu, the governor of Fujian and Zhejiang who was in charge of inspecting Wang Danwang, was even more greedy than Wang Yiwang, and seized most of the former's family property. , but later took the initiative to bump into Qianlong's muzzle, he can be called the most unlucky and mentally handicapped corrupt official in the history of the Qing Dynasty,

Chen Huizu is the same as Wang Danwang. They are all the second generation of officials, and they are the second generation of officials of the Qing Dynasty. But his father is even better, the Prime Minister Chen Dayu. Comrade Chen Dashou successively served as the right servant of the official department, the right servant of the military department, Prince Shaobao, minister of the military department, minister of the household department, and minister of the official department. The ministers of the six departments have done three, and they are the fattest three. In the thirteenth year of Qianlong (AD 1748), he was promoted to the co-organizing bachelor (equivalent to the prime minister) and the minister of military aircraft (equivalent to the prime minister), and his status was prominent for a while. In line with the habitual thinking of Lao Tzu, a hero and a hero, Chen Huizu was recruited by Qianlong into the Ministry of Finance-the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Households, and the official residence of the Ministry of Finance. Governor, Governor of Liangjiang, etc.

It is said that if you become such a big official, you should enjoy the blessings and work steadily for two years in order to retire with honor. Unexpectedly, the world has changed. In the late Qianlong Dynasty, there were no upright officials, but only corrupt officials. Chen Huizu, a dear friend, also followed the crowd and started a business of searching for the people's fat and anointing. In the forty-sixth year of Qianlong, Wang Yiwang, who was also the second generation official, had an incident. This master, it was his own fault that things were revealed. At that time, a case in Gansu involved him. He could have fooled it even if he persisted. Unexpectedly, he was delighted to hear that Qianlong's southern tour, passing by Hangzhou where he worked, deliberately flattered him, and offered to donate 500,000 taels of silver to help the government tide over the difficulties and repair the seawall. Such a big style shocked Qianlong all at once.

Chinese historical story: the most unlucky official second generation in the Qing Dynasty

Qianlong lived in their house with the mood of being rich. Look here and there, everything is real money. It’s so small, he has more money than me, check it out! As a result of the investigation, Comrade Wang Yiwang’s corruption deeds in Gansu and Zhejiang were all exposed, and the total amount of bribes he received exceeded 3 million taels of silver. One of the most important tasks in dealing with corrupt officials is to ransack their homes. The glorious work of copying Wang Yiwang's house was left to Comrade Chen Huizu.

After so many years of corruption and corruption, Chen Huizu has become so courageous. Originally, Qianlong planned to let him copy Wang Danwang's house and take the gold and silver treasures to himself.of the small treasury. But Chen Huizu was even more greedy than Qianlong, so he directly took all the most valuable and best things in the palace into his own home. In order to deceive Qianlong, he deliberately forged another list of house raids. According to the procedure, what he should have handed over to Qianlong was this fake list. Who would have thought that this man lost his head looking at the mountain of rare treasures, and handed over the real list to Qianlong.

Qianlong looked at the treasure above. Impatiently ran to the small treasury to check and accept. As a result, the jade vase, Yushanzi and other objects recorded above were all missing. After careful checking, it was not a single star that was missing. In this way, Qianlong raised the banner of anti-corruption again. They ransacked Chen Huizu's home and forced him to commit suicide by the way. At that time, the common people made up a very happy ballad about this matter: Yesterday they ransacked their homes, and today they are ransacked. All the corrupt officials were on the road, and the common people laughed.

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