Chinese historical story: Who is the king of Yiqu, Zhai Li? What kind of person was the king of Yiqu in history

The ancient Yiqu was a remote tribe. This small tribe is located in the southwest of Gansu. It seems insignificant but has always caused great troubles to the Qin State. . As a hidden danger in the west of Qin State, the Yiqu tribe has always been carefully guarded by Qin State. After the establishment of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Yiqu surrendered to Zhou and quickly became stronger. The Yiqu tribe lived in this area, and gradually began to engage in farming, and developed into a half-agricultural and half-pastoral way of life.

In "The Legend of Miyue" some time ago, the Yiqu King played by Gao Yunxiang was called "the moving hormone" by enthusiastic audiences. It can be seen how much the audience loves the Yiqu King played by Gao Yunxiang. In the TV series, the king of Yiqu was brave and fearless, hijacked the wedding car halfway, and robbed the food and grass of Qin State. As the last leader of the Yiqu tribe, he led the Yiqu tribe to fight and lead the tribe to fight for their own piece of land. They are like It is a wolf from the grasslands far away, quickly, ready and agile to find the prey, and the last blow is sure to hit. Such a tribe full of wildness and ambition can hardly make Qin feel at ease. Thus, a conspiracy about love was quietly staged between Qin State and the Yiqu tribe.

This man is the king of Di Rong, an ethnic minority in the northwest of Qin State, and he is unruly. At this time, Yingsi, the king of Qin, just passed away. He seized this opportunity and took the opportunity to attack Qin. King Yiqu, who took advantage of the fire to rob, got to know the Queen Mother Xuan of Qin in a short time. This woman is the kind of woman that King Yiqu admires. Empress Dowager Xuan is shrewd and capable, and she is also an experienced woman emotionally. She is ambitious and manipulative. The tit-for-tat confrontation and the open and secret battles between the two made King Yiqu find this woman very interesting. King Yiqu had never admired a woman so much.

Empress Dowager Xuan Miyue had entanglements with many men all her life, she was a "passionate" woman, feelings gradually developed between King Yiqu and Queen Mother Xuan. This wolf from the northern prairie met Miyue and was as gentle as an abyss, caring for Miyue in every possible way. In short, King Yiqu loves Empress Dowager Xuan in every possible way. Empress Dowager Xuan has no choice when facing a man who loves her so deeply. On the balance of power and emotion, she still moves towards power step by step. Therefore, it cannot be said that she has no feelings for King Yiqu, but the Empress Dowager Xuan, in order to assist her son ascend the throne,And had to choose power. Her enthusiasm for power even exceeds her love for King Yiqu, and King Yiqu really likes this woman. No matter what the final result is, he will protect her as always, even if he knows that he is only her pawn after all.

Chinese historical story: Who is the king of Yiqu, Zhai Li? What kind of person was the king of Yiqu in history

Arrow pierced through the body, everything was quiet, in the trance of life and death, the stubborn face of King Yiqu still looked at the Queen Mother affectionately, I don’t know whether it is sad or sad, or In the end he was relieved, and the soft whip in his hand flew freely, just like when King Yiqu first met Queen Mother Xuan.

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