Classic love: live a pastoral life together

Bonfire Party

Zhang Jincheng is thirty-two years old and has not yet married a wife. He opened an organic farm, and his career was flourishing. He was tall and handsome, but the girls shook their heads when they heard that they would live with him in the country after they got married.

Parents persuaded him to go out and walk more. What kind of girls can he meet in the organic farm all day long? One day, he signed up for a tour group to participate in a three-day trip to Zhangjiajie, but the car was full of couples, either young couples or old couples who had passed their 60s. Seeing their loving and sweet appearance, Zhang Jincheng There was an indescribable feeling in my heart.

The seat next to him was always vacant, no one was sitting. When he was driving quickly, a woman about his age suddenly came up, carrying a canvas bag, with a regular appearance and fair skin, and sat down on the empty seat next to him. Zhang Jincheng's eyes lit up and he quickly smiled at her, but she looked at him warily, as if he was a bad person.

On the way to Zhangjiajie, Zhang Jincheng intentionally or unintentionally looked at the beautiful woman beside him, wanting to talk to her to relieve boredom. But she wore earplugs and frowned. Seeing that she didn't like to talk to him, he lost interest and watched the scenery silently all the way.

When I arrived at Miao Village, the people in front got off the bus in pairs, and only he and this beauty were left alone. And her luggage was very heavy, he kindly wanted to carry her backpack, but she gave her a hard look.

"I carry my own bag. Don't worry about it!" The beauty yelled at him. It made Zhang Jincheng give up the idea of ??helping her. In fact, the scenery is quite beautiful alone, and Zhangjiajie's scenery is charming. Soon, Zhang Jincheng forgot about his unhappiness.

There is a bonfire party at night, which is a ceremony for Miao Village to welcome tourists, and it is also a good time for girls and boys to express their love to each other. When night fell and the bonfire was lit, enthusiastic Miao girls sang and danced around the fire, and all the group members joined in one after another. Only the beauty from before was sitting in the corner, looking sad at the bonfire.

Zhang Jincheng walked over and asked her what's wrong? Do you need help. The beauty looked up at him, and a line of tears flowed out. Zhang Jincheng was taken aback, and quickly handed over a tissue. After some understanding, he found out that her name was Tang Lei, she had just broken up with her boyfriend, and she joined this group to get rid of the pain of being broken up.

Tang Lei's appearance of pear blossoms in the rain made Zhang Jincheng heartbrokenFeeling pity, he invited Tang Lei to dance together, saying that this kind of dance can make people forget their troubles, so it's better to have a good dance tonight and forget all the troubles.

Tang Lei hesitated for a moment, and stretched out her hand to him. He held that soft hand, and his heart was pounding. The melodious singing of Miao Village made him forget his worries, and made Tang Lei's brows relax.

Tired from dancing, Zhang Jincheng quickly let go of Tang Lei's hand, handed her a bottle of pure water, told her many funny jokes from magazines, and made Tang Lei Made me giggle.

The three-day journey passed quickly amidst Tang Lei's laughter. On the car ride back, Zhang Jincheng asked Tang Lei for a phone number, but she gave him a WeChat account and asked him to add her as a friend. Zhang Jincheng was stunned. He said that he didn't connect the network cable in the country, hardly surfed the Internet, let alone play WeChat, and asked her to write him a mobile phone number.

Tang Lei glanced at him as if looking at an alien, and wrote down a series of numbers, which turned out to be a landline. Zhang Jincheng thought it was her home landline, returned to the farm, and happily called her, but found that it was an empty number.

Caused by rape blossoms

Zhang Jincheng hasn’t been able to eat well or sleep well for the past few days when he comes back, Tang Lei is always on his mind Fortunately, he had inquired about the address of Tang Lei's company when he was traveling. So, he picked a bunch of rape flowers from the farm, drove to Tang Lei's company, and waited downstairs for her to get off work.

Through the glass window, Zhang Jincheng could see many people in the company pointing fingers at him, including Tang Lei, who seemed to not know him, and was with those people Watch him. He vaguely heard a string of silver bell-like laughter, and someone said: "What a bumpkin, no one gave rape flowers."

Tang Lei echoed repeatedly, he He didn't blame her, because those girls had prejudice against him before, but he believed that he would be able to move Tang Lei. Because during those three days in Zhangjiajie, she didn't look at him with colored glasses, and got along very well with him. He felt that Tang Lei didn't hate him, but she was afraid that her colleagues would laugh at her, saying that she had found a countryman as her boyfriend.

When Tang Lei got off work, she deliberately avoided him and left with several female colleagues. He didn't go up to call her, but drove behind her, watching her get on the bus and get off at the stop. He just stepped forward and gave her the wilted rapeseed flowers.

She took the flowers, threw them on the ground, and said coldly: "Don't come to me in the future, I am not from the same world as you."

Zhang Jincheng doesn't understand, why are she and him not from the same world? In the three days in Zhangjiajie, there were still talking and laughing, and they turned their faces when they turned their faces.

He picked up the rapeseed flower and said: "You don't like this flower, it's okay, next time I will give you roses, okay? Have dinner with me tonight, let's sit down and talk slowly. "

"No more! Let's talk about it today. Tang Lei took two steps back, pointed at Zhang Jincheng and gestured up and down, "Look at you, it's still this clothes, it's not dirty, you don't have any other clothes to change?" Also, if you don't go online, how can we communicate? If I get married in the future, I have to live in the countryside with you. There is no Internet or entertainment, how can I live? "

It turned out that Tang Lei didn't hate him, but felt that he had different ideas and living habits from him. She likes clubbing, surfing the Internet, and going to KTV on weekends, Watching movies and letting her leave the big city to live a pastoral life with no Internet, no entertainment, and morning and night, is simply killing her.

Zhang Jincheng understands her concerns, and he He didn't intend to give up, but wanted to tell her that rural life was not as scary as she thought. He said: "I'll come to the city for a few days, and come to see you as an ordinary friend, isn't it too much? I promise it will never affect your life. "

Tang Lei hesitated, said "whatever you want" and went upstairs.

From then on, Zhang Jincheng began to take the initiative to drive Taking Tang Lei to and from work. At the beginning, Tang Lei was still very resistant and determined not to take his car. But one day the bus couldn’t come, and seeing Zhang Jincheng’s car kept parked beside her, she got anxious and jumped on it. Fortunately, he drove fast and was not late that day.

She introduced him to her colleagues, saying that they were just ordinary friends. Zhang Jincheng was not discouraged, but even more persistent Be nice to her. Tang Lei sits in the office all day and has a bad cervical spine, so he intends to ask her to play in the badminton hall.

Tang Lei likes nightlife, and whenever she is free, she goes to the bar to dance When Di was late at night, he prepared a mask for her and urged her to go to bed early, saying that women grow old quickly when they go to bed late. Tang Lei complained that the company's food was not good, so he specially made soup for her.

Under his caring care, Tang Lei gradually became a little moved. She gave him a concert ticket and asked him to arrive on time on Saturday night. .

The Lie Seen Through

In order to listen to this concert well, Zhang Jincheng dressed up specially. When he arrived at the scene , Tang Lei has arrived, wearing the dress he gave her, looking shy.

Zhang Jincheng was in a good mood immediately, but the concert lasted for two hours, and Tang Lei refused to let him out Because he was too tired, he began to doze off after listening to it. Tang Lei was very angry, saying that he didn't respect art, and that he could fall asleep after listening to a concert. Zhang Jincheng quickly coaxed her, saying that he was just a rough man , I can’t understand those things.

Tang Lei stomped on him and left angrily. Then she called him suddenly and asked him to go online to help her buy a A handbag, said to be a flash sale for a limited time, After this village, there will be no such shop. Zhang Jincheng said blankly that he does not know how to shop online.

Tang Lei hung up with a "snap" after listening.

Zhang Jincheng lost his mind and quickly called his old classmate Wu Yu to ask him to snap up that handbag, but because too many people snapped up that bag, the bag failed grab it. But Zhang Jincheng thought of a way. He went to a physical store and bought a bag of the same style for Tang Lei, claiming that he had snatched it online.

Unexpectedly, Tang Lei saw through his lies at a glance, and returned the bag to Zhang Jincheng, saying that she hated others to lie to her the most, because her ex-boyfriend lied to her, After she found out that there was another woman outside, she took the initiative to break up.

She said: "I didn't expect you to be so honest, and you would lie to me like him. You let me down so much."

Seeing Tang Lei leave crying, Zhang Jincheng panicked. He found his old classmate Wu Yu and discussed what to do. Wu Yu said, "Now I can only rely on your sincerity to impress her and save this relationship."

Zhang Jincheng immediately bought a large bouquet of roses , rushed downstairs to Tang Lei, but saw her arguing with a man, Tang Lei kept shouting "let go", but the man refused to let go.

As soon as Zhang Jincheng's brain became hot, he punched him, and the man was beaten. Zhang Jincheng pulled Tang Lei up and ran, got into the car, and drove to the suburbs before stopping.

It turned out that the man was her ex-boyfriend, who came to beg her for forgiveness, but she refused, so he pulled her and refused to let her go. This man has been following her for the past few days, which made her dare not even walk.

Zhang Jincheng said: "How about going to the countryside with me to hide for a few days? If he can't find you, he will give up." Tang Lei nodded.

Classic love: live a pastoral life together

When she arrived in the countryside, she realized that the scenery here is beautiful and the air is also very good. In addition to growing melons, fruits and vegetables, the organic farm also raises many chickens and geese. Work at sunrise and rest at sunset every day, not boring at all.

Here, she wakes up at six o'clock in the morning and goes to sleep with the lights off at nine o'clock in the evening. , the water is also very clean, and the body will naturally be fine.

She fell in love with this place a little bit, but Zhang Jincheng cheated on her last time, leaving a shadow in her heart, she didn't know if he would marry her ex-boyfriend Same, with other women behind her back.

A blessing in disguise

On this day, Tang Lei and Zhang Jincheng went to the back mountain to pick tea together. Two beautiful girls came to the tea garden, holding baskets in one hand and picking tea in the other. When they saw Zhang Jincheng, they smiled so sweetly and shouted "Brother" one after another, which made Tang Lei's heart break.

But Zhang Jincheng was unmoved and did not treat themIt was not hot or cold, but he was very devoted to Tang Lei, running back and forth to hand Tang Lei water and shade, and patiently taught her how to pick tea. Tang Lei was a little surprised. Those two girls were much prettier and younger than her. She is now in her thirties.

Later, when the two girls saw that Zhang Jincheng was ignoring them, they deliberately leaned over to ask him how to pick tea. Zhang Jincheng immediately turned his back on him, saying that he already had a girlfriend, and put his arm around Tang Lei's shoulder and said that this was his girlfriend, and he would never change his mind about her. Seeing that his attitude was so determined, the two girls had no choice but to leave embarrassingly.

Tang Lei was hugged by him, and after hearing what he said, her heart was warm and sweet, and she walked a little lightly. Unexpectedly, he stepped on the ground and sprained his foot accidentally. Without saying a word, Zhang Jincheng carried her on his back and walked down the mountain. Tang Lei lay on his shoulders, hugged his neck, and blushed.

She knows that Zhang Jincheng is good to her, but the harm caused to her by her ex-boyfriend made her afraid of well ropes for ten years after being bitten by a snake, and besides buying bags, Zhang Jincheng In addition to deceiving her, there are also things that are hidden from her.

In fact, he had known her a long time ago, when she had a boyfriend, he didn't dare to dream about her.

It turned out that his old classmate Wu Yu was Tang Lei's leader. In the photos of their company's group outing, Zhang Jincheng took a fancy to her at a glance. When Tang Lei was always mentioned, he would pay attention to her silently. Hearing that she already had a boyfriend, Zhang Jincheng felt a little discouraged, and Wu Yu noticed it.

When Tang Lei broke up with her ex-boyfriend and signed up for a three-day trip to Zhangjiajie, Wu Yu called and told Zhang Jincheng, so there was an "encounter" in the car.

Later, when Wu Yu was helping Zhang Jincheng snap up a purchase at the company, Tang Lei bumped into him. After questioning, Wu Yu told her the truth. angry. So Wu Yu decided to help Tang Lei test Zhang Jincheng, and let Tang Lei know Zhang Jincheng's sincerity.

The two beautiful girls were found by Wu Yu, and Zhang Jincheng didn't know it at all. Fortunately, Zhang Jincheng resisted the temptation and passed Tang Lei's test.

One month later, Tang Lei quit her job and stayed with Zhang Jincheng to manage the farm. Zhang Jincheng installed broadband at home, and with the help of Tang Lei, he opened an online store, specializing in fresh organic agricultural products. The two have a good harvest in their career and love, and their small life is happy.

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