Fables: Jade and Crock

Han Zhaohou usually doesn't pay much attention to his words, and often inadvertently leaks some important confidential matters, which makes the careful plans of the ministers unable to be implemented. Everyone was troubled by this, but it was not easy to tell Han Zhaohou frankly.

A clever man named Tang She (xi) volunteered to go to Han Zhaohou and said to Han Zhaohou: "If there is a wine vessel made of jade, which is worth thousands of gold, in the middle of it is It is empty and has no bottom, can it hold water?" Han Zhaohou said: "It cannot hold water." Tang Huogong said again: "There is an earthen jar, which is very cheap, but it does not leak. Look, it can hold wine Is it?" Han Zhaohou said: "Yes."

Therefore, Tang Shegong made the best use of the situation and continued: "This is it. Although a crock pot is not worth a few cents, it is very humble, but because it does not A drain can be used to hold wine; and a wine vessel made of jade, although it is very valuable, can't even hold water because it is empty and bottomless, let alone people will pour delicious drinks into it. The same is true for people. As a monarch with the highest status and the most important manners, if he often reveals the secrets of his subordinates discussing the state, then he is like a bottomless jade. No matter how talented a person is, if his The secrets are always leaked out, so his plan cannot be implemented, so he cannot use his talents and strategies."

Han Zhaohou suddenly realized what he said, and he nodded repeatedly: "Your words You’re right, your words are right.”

Fables: Jade and Crock

From then on, Han Zhaohou took care of all the plans and schemes where important measures were to be taken and the ministers conspired together, and he was cautious, even going to bed at night. Alone, for he feared that he might miss state affairs by revealing his plans and strategies to others while he was talking in his sleep.

The story of Tang She’s public guide Han Zhaohou tells us that wise people are very good at speaking, and can draw out the principles of governing the country from small things in daily life; is a wise leader.

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