Fairy Tale: Little Yellow Cat's Wish

The little yellow cat (also called Dahuang) at home has gradually grown up, and she has more thoughts.

One day, she suddenly asked the young master Dabo, "Where is my mother, where is she?" Dabo smiled, "You were brought from a relative's house far away. Our relative's house is hundreds of miles away."

Oh, Rhubarb didn't ask again, she really missed her mother! She is very envious when she sees her good friend Xiaobai's mother buy so many delicious food for Xiaobai. A child with a mother is so happy!

For several nights in a row, she had the same beautiful dream, dreaming that her mother came to see her, held her in her arms, kept kissing and licking, and she lay happily In my mother's arms, I was eating the small fish biscuits brought by my mother, smiling happily, and shouting loudly: "Mom, the small fish biscuits are so delicious..."

Woke up this morning , Da Bo handed her a letter and a package, and said to her: "Your mother has sent a letter, and some delicious food is here!"

Fairy Tale: Little Yellow Cat's Wish

"Really?" Da Huang took the package When I opened it, I found it was my favorite fish biscuit. When I smelled it, it was really delicious!

"By the way, there is still a letter." She opened the letter and handed it to Dabo. Dabo sat on the head of the bed and began to read seriously. In the letter, mother cat praised Rhubarb for listening to her master and being a good and sensible child, and encouraged her to be diligent, catch more mice, and take good care of herself. He also said that because he was too far away, he couldn't come to see her. If there is anything he can ask the master to write a letter to contact her. Finally, dear baby, mother will always love you!

This letter and biscuits made Da Huang completely immersed in happiness. She was extremely happy, and asked Da Bo to read the letter whenever she had time. When I was free, I was thinking about what my mother looked like, tall or short, fat or thin. It would be great if I could meet my mother, even if it is a photo! Dabo saw what was on her mind and advised her not to worry.

It was another morning, when she woke up, she saw a big envelope on the bedside, with Chinese characters she didn't know written on it. Looking outside, Dabo was not there. Let's open it first and see what it is, she thought.

Finally, she tore open the envelope with great effort, and a big photo was revealed, which showed a mighty and strong big yellow cat.

"Mom!" she cried excitedly. "I have a picture of my mother!" She jumped up and ran outside, she wanted to tell the good news to her little master who loves her, and the little friends who grew up together!

For half a year, she has been surrounded by happiness, and her mother's photo has been kissed countless times by her.

One day, she attended Xiaobai's birthday party. The birthday gift Xiaobai's mother gave Xiaobai is an electric carp, which is so beautiful! Turn on the switch, jumping on the ground like a real fish, with twinkling eyes, it's really fun. After playing once, Xiaobai snatched it back.

It's my birthday in three days, she thought. It would be great if I could have a gift from my mother on my birthday! My favorite is the electric mouse, which is much more fun than the electric fish. It can be used as a toy, and can also be used to practice mouse-catching skills. It is the most practical toy. However, my mother is too far away, how can I come to participate? Dabo knew what was on her mind, and quickly wrote a letter to Mother Cat.

Da Bo had just left to send the letter, Da Huang suddenly remembered that the weather forecast said that there would be rain in the afternoon, so he hurriedly found an umbrella and chased Da Bo with it in his mouth.

From a distance, I saw Dabo walking forward with the letter, but not in the direction of the post office. Da Huang was wondering when he saw Da Bo standing in front of a toy store, quickly tore up the letter in his hand, threw it into the trash can by the wall, turned around and walked into the toy store, and walked out of the store with a cardboard box in his arms .

Rhubarb understood everything at once, where is the mother's letter, where is the mother's photo, who is the mother, where is she, whether she is still alive, no one can know, everything is directed by Dabo, The purpose is to let me have happiness and joy. I am really a caring and good master. Having such a little master is my greatest happiness and joy!

A sound of thunder woke Rhubarb up. Only then did she realize that it was already raining. I don't know whether it is tears or rain, which blurred my eyes. In the mist, she saw Dabo walking towards her in the rain. She ran over in a hurry and handed over the umbrella.

Under the umbrella, the carton slowly opened. As she thought, an electric mouse jumped out happily.

Under the umbrella, the carton slowly opened. As she thought, an electric mouse jumped out happily.

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