Life story: the most important part of the human body

When I was young, my mother asked me what is the most important part of the human body. I've spent years looking for the right answer.

In the beginning, I thought the sound was the most important, so I said to her, "Mom, our ears are the most important."

My mother said: "No. Many people can't hear, but they live well. If you think about it, I will ask you this question again."

Years later, she asked me the same question again. I thought I had found the right answer, so I said to her: "Mom, eyesight is the most important thing for us, so the most important part of the human body should be the eyes."

Mom said: "You have learned a lot, but your answer is still wrong, because there are many people who can't see, but they can keep improving without eyes."

I continued to think hard. After many years, my mother asked me twice, and every time I answered her, she would say to me, "No, but you have become smarter and wiser over the years, and you will know the correct answer sooner or later."

My grandfather passed away last year. We are all sad. Everyone cried, including my mom. I remember it well because it was the second time I saw her cry. When I said goodbye to my grandfather, my mother looked at me and asked, "Son, don't you still know where the most important part of a person is?"

I was taken aback, I don't know why she asked me this question at this time. I always thought it was just a game between me and my mother. Seeing the puzzled expression on my face, my mother said: "This question is very important. Every time you answered me in the past, I said your answer was wrong and I told you why it was wrong. But today you You should know what the answer is."

She looked at me with the eyes of a mother, and I saw tears in her eyes. I hugged her in my arms. She leaned on my shoulder and said to me, "Son, the most important part of a man is his arms."

I asked her, "That's because the shoulders Hold my head?" She replied, "No. That's because your arms support the head of your loved one or your friend when they cry. My child, in our lifetimeIn life, there are always times when we need an arm to lean on when we cry. I just hope you can have someone you love and a good friend who is close to you, so that when you need it, you can always find an arm to lean on, just like I need your shoulder now. "

Life story: the most important part of the human body

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