Love Story: Ghosts Waiting for Happiness Without Tears

The breakup with Lan seems to be deliberately arranged by God, Lan is actually a good girl, no matter her appearance or character, she is impeccable. I know a lot of people are laughing at how stupid I am for doing this. But I took the initiative to break up with her, even though I was so reluctant.

On the first day after breaking up with Lan, Lan got up very late. The aunt in charge of the dormitory came in three times, and all she saw was covered with a quilt, curled up on the bed motionless. The aunt didn't say anything, and closed the door gently with a sigh. It was already 11 o'clock when I woke up, and I couldn't attend the morning class. What appeared in the bathroom mirror was a haggard face with tears in the corners of the eyes.

Lan had nothing to do, she was the only one in the dormitory, so she went downstairs to the restaurant to help a few sisters buy lunch, and Lan ordered three fresh tofu, sweet and sour pork ribs, tomato scrambled eggs and celery fish Liu, these are the ones I usually eat the least. There was still some time before they finished class, and Lan sat there blankly, staring blankly at the dishes, and she didn't even notice that I quietly sat at the table next to her.

The number of people in the restaurant gradually increased, Xiao Mu and the others came to Lan's side talking and laughing, and stopped smiling when they saw Lan like that. Little, as soon as Mu sat down, he said that today's dishes were delicious, but Lan didn't say anything. Everyone winked at each other and started eating on their own. Some irrelevant words were inserted from time to time during the period. A couple at the opposite table were flirting loudly as if no one was there, Lan remained indifferent, chewing a grain of rice from beginning to end, and never took a bite of food with her chopsticks.

. On the second day after breaking up with Lan, Lan Hua appeared in a bar in the West District with heavy makeup and flirtatious clothes.

Lan sat at the bar, drinking one cup after another of an unknown spirit. There are more than a dozen empty wine bottles lined up on the bar counter, and Lan refuses to let the boss take them away, and the dance floor is full of indulgent screams. Lan swayed rhythmically with the music, and a man next to him leaned over kindly and said to Lan, "Miss, you are so beautiful." Did Lan say so? She looked ambiguously at the man who could be her father. Then the man said Miss, you are drunk, do you want me to drive you home. Lan said yes, grabbed the wine glass with a sneer and poured it on the man's face. The man was extremely annoyed, and when he waved his palm to slap Lan, he was grabbed by a few strong hands and almost fell to the ground by En. It turned out that Xiaomu recruited several boys in the class to find this place.

Xiao Mu said Lan, please don't do this, we will all feel heartbroken if you do this, Lan said you don't care about me, just let me die drunk. Lan didn't say anything and didn't leave, so several boys dragged her out of the bar and stuffed her into a taxi.

I know everything that happened in the bar, because I was sitting in a dark corner of the bar, watching Lan from beginning to end.

When Lan was dragged back to the dormitory, it happened to be one minute before the dormitory closed, and when he was thrown on the bed, he yelled for a drinkInsensible.

On the fourth day after I broke up with Lan, Lan has been lying on the hospital bed for two days. It turns out that she has been unconscious since she was drunk that night, and she kept calling me in the coma. During the period, Xiaomu and the others took turns to take care of her in the hospital.

On the sixth day after I broke up with Lan, I thought I should go back to her. I stood in front of the hospital bed, and her pale face was reflected by the white sheets. I stayed with her silently all night until Cai quietly left when she was about to wake up.

On the sixth day after breaking up with Lan, Lan was discharged from the hospital.

One of the things that Lan did after he was discharged from the hospital was to lock himself in the bathroom alone, and after a few hours of tossing, he came out, and the roommates shouted clean after entering!

Lan, who has always been joking, has become taciturn since then, with a grim expression on his face, or should I say glamorous. All my friends knew from their eyes that Lan had never forgotten me, and had always missed that relationship in the past.

Lan started to work very hard. He studied in the library every day until the door was closed, and his grades improved by leaps and bounds. He also did a very good job in the student union that he was in charge of, and was well received by teachers and classmates.

In the second year after breaking up with Lan, Lan was elected as the new president of the student union in the department. I know it is not easy because she is a girl. Lan knew that he had a great responsibility, so he worked harder to learn from then on. At the beginning of her junior year, Lan was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. Of course, Lan became a well-known figure in the department. When the head teacher taught the freshmen, he used Lan and several other students as role models. Before graduation, several well-known companies wanted to sign with Lan.

In the third year after breaking up with Lan, Lan was successfully admitted to a famous university and studied for a graduate student.

Lan has always been pursued by boys who are better than me, but Lan never pays attention. Except for a boy named Ling. Lan just treats him like a big brother, and has never had anything to do with him. In the eyes of others, their relationship is very ambiguous.

In the ninth year after breaking up with Lan, I received the news that Lan was going to get married, and the groom was Ling.

Half a month before getting married, Lan sat on the brand-new sofa in the living room of the new guest room and wrote wedding invitations to relatives and friends. There was a happy smile on Lan's face, which became more and more charming. I know that many people will receive Lan's wedding invitation, except me.

Lan opened the red wedding invitations with golden double happiness printed on them one by one, and solemnly wrote the names of the bride and groom on them.

When Lan wrote the twentieth wedding invitation, I was stunned. My name was written on the groom's item! And Lan didn't seem to want to stop yet.

My eyes finally fell out, it was the ninth year after we broke up, I shed tears for the first time, and Lan, she won't see it, and no one else can see it. Because ghosts don't cry.

If time could be turned back, I would never jaywalk because I was in a hurry, and the result was that my soul left my bodyIt happened to be Lan's birthday that day, and I was still carrying a Christine's cake in my hand.

Love Story: Ghosts Waiting for Happiness Without Tears

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