People's story: the son of unfilial piety

Old Lin has two sons. In the era of family planning, it is really a matter of smoke from the ancestral grave and burning incense. But you can't just look at the superficial appearance of things, Lao Lin's life is very poor, and people often talk about it-I gave birth to two unfilial sons!

Speaking of which, Lao Lin should not When I gave birth to my second child, the family planning policy was already very strict at that time, and I had to obtain a birth permit before giving birth to a child. If I had an extra child, I had to revoke my urban household registration and expel my work status. At that time, Lin Sen was a grassroots cadre in a workshop. Lin Sen was good at making money, and the main leader of the factory was from Henan. So he visited this fellow villager every now and then. When he grew up, he let his wife conceive a second child without anyone's permission. Fortunately, his wife is a family member and has no job, so he quietly let his wife go back to his hometown in Henan, and wait for the child to be born. Bringing his wife and children back to the company from Henan just happened to be the time when the old leader from Henan was about to retire, so he leniently gave Lin Sen a warning within the party and dismissed him from his position as a cadre. This is unprecedented in the factory. , That is to say, I did my best to take care of it, and of course registered the child with a hukou.

Many years have passed, and Lao Lin's two sons have already married. One is a fuel-efficient lamp.

The boss, Lin Hai, not only got married but also gave birth to a son. When Lao Lin got his grandson, he threw a big banquet. At that time, many people said to Lin Sen: "Old Lin, what a blessing!" Congratulations on your grandson. But this Lin Hai is not like a father. He always gathers a group of friends to wander around. One day in a restaurant, the next in a dance hall, and in the end he took ecstasy, and he was caught by the police. Married back, no job. Mother and son can't rely on their husbands, so they rely on their parents-in-law. She doesn't say anything, just takes the children home for dinner, and instructs the children to ask their grandparents for money. Since being a grandpa is difficult, you have to give your daughter-in-law and grandson a bowl of food, right? It is reasonable for the grandson to ask for pocket money, and the grandpa has to be fat even if his face is swollen. The most troublesome thing is that every time the Public Security Bureau has to ask Lao Lin for a fine, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. If you don’t pay the fine, your son will not be able to get out. They all say that the hearts of parents are pitiful, and Lao Lin is no exception. , a few retirement living expenses and to support the daughter-in-law and grandson, and to pay a fine, one can imagine the sad life.

There are often fruit, melon seeds, and peanut stalls in the community. Lao Lin probably doesn’t have enough to eat at home, so he often does voluntary labor for the vendors, unloading cars, cleaning, and going to the toilet when he has timeGrabbing one or two fruits or a handful of melon seeds and peanuts to satisfy hunger, those small vendors didn't say anything to their faces, but looked down on Lao Lin behind their backs and said: "I haven't seen an adult who is so greedy. If you don't have money to buy it, don't eat it. I don't know if you are greedy." Slap yourself in the mouth twice?"

One night, when it rained suddenly, a barbecue stall owner grilled some fish and vegetables, but when the rainstorm stopped the business, Lao Lin rushed to hide in the shed Yu, the green vegetables can’t be sold after being roasted, so he said to Lao Lin: “Eat these green vegetables!” Randomly ate a couple of other sea fish, small business people are very smart, they know all the little things, a shellfish buys about one or two yuan, but sells it for five or six yuan, the stall owner found out When two shellfish were missing, he turned his face immediately and picked up a pole to beat him. Seeing that the momentum was not going well, Lao Lin ran into the pouring rain. Fortunately, the heavy rain covered him and the stall owner missed him.

Old Lin’s life has already come to this point, but it just made things worse. His second son, Lin Yuan, became obsessed with gambling again. According to him, he was framed by someone. He said that one night, he A friend of mine invited him to have a drink, but a car drove him to the casino. He didn’t bring any money at the time, so he just looked around. His friend participated in Shake Treasure, where a few dice were sealed in a container and shaken a few times. Those who are willing to gamble take out money to buy chips to bet on the size. He just stood aside to watch the fun, and his friend said, "Lin Yuan, put a bet on me, I'll be right back after I piss, if I lose, it's mine, if I win, you keep it yourself." As a result, his "friend" He never returned to the casino. When he was about to leave the casino, the security guard of the casino invited him to the manager's office. The manager said that he had owed 220,000 yuan in gambling debts. In order to pay off the gambling debt, he had to continue to gamble. As a result, he got deeper and deeper, and he owed more than 400,000 yuan.

After hearing this, Lao Lin turned his nose and mouth slanted on the spot, and everyone hurriedly sent Lao Lin to the hospital for emergency treatment, but Lao Lin still let go.

People's story: the son of unfilial piety

After Lao Lin died, Lin Hai came back from the Public Security Bureau and found a job, and lived a peaceful life; The small days also passed smoothly. Lao Lin's wife came to the conclusion that "the child is disobedient because the ghost never dies, and the child will be obedient once he dies."

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