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My mother was sick and hospitalized, and a relative from far away in Jiangxi came to the hospital to visit, carrying a box of "Yak Bone Marrow Strengthens Bone ", the colorful packaging box is more than half a meter high and nearly half a meter wide. From the five transparent windows specially set in the box, you can see that there are five bowls with a thick mouth and a height of more than 20 centimeters in the box. Big bottle, looks heavy.

After the relatives left, my mother asked me to open the box to see what was inside. It’s okay if you don’t open it, but when you open it, all the people present can’t help but stay there: the two transparent windows on the upper part of the box turned out to be not two big bottles, but two pieces of flower paper, because the flowers on the paper pieces The printed pattern is exactly the same as the pattern on the bottle, if you don't look carefully, it can really be confused with the real one. In order not to leave such a large space behind the flower paper sheets vacant, the manufacturer also painstakingly placed two small bags that are not much bigger than instant noodle seasoning bags. In the lower part of the box, there are really three large bottles with a height of more than 20 centimeters and a thick mouth. But when the caps are opened, the contents just cover the bottom of the bottles, which is less than one-tenth of the capacity of the whole bottle. One, the same goes for all the other bottles.

A huge packaging box actually contains such a small amount of things, no wonder people call it a "flower box". But in today's society, there are not many "flower boxes" of all kinds, various, large and small, tangible and intangible?

I hope to do things, especially to be a human being, and never be a "flower box"!


Once everything contained in the box is taken out, the empty box has fulfilled its mission and become useless. No matter how beautiful the box is, it is only an appearance, and there may be a surprise or a disappointment hidden inside. The key is not in the box, but the content of the box is the key. Who would only pay attention to the appearance but not the content?

No matter what is contained in the box, its value must be greater than the box. If the value of the box is greater than the contents of the box, is it still a box? A good horse matches a good saddle, and a good jade matches a good box. The box is exquisite, and the things inside must be of great value. There is no need for an ordinary brick to be matched with a jade-inlaid and gold-plated box. Now, are there few things that are exactly the opposite?

Gold is gold if it is in a box, but it is still gold if it is not in a box; mud is mud if it is not in a box, but it is still mud if it is in a box. The worse the thing is, the more inseparable it is from the packaging, the more ugly the thing is, the more it needs an exquisite box, and the most fearful thing about such a box is when it is opened...

There is never a box in the world Open the box?


During the Chinese New Year, a relative came to visit and brought a box of colorful candies to the child. The child was very happy. Half a month later, the candy was gone, and the box that could hold the candy was still on the table. The child thought it was very beautiful, and couldn’t bear it.have to be discarded.

One day, a neighbor’s kid came to my house to play. He saw the candy box and thought it contained something delicious. He kept asking for it with his little hand, but when he opened the empty box, His round, chubby little face immediately revealed a disappointed and frustrated expression...

When filled with candy, the box is indeed beautiful, attractive, and exudes a tempting fragrance . But when the candy is gone and the box is empty, is it still so pretty, attractive, and fragrant?

No matter how beautiful the box is, if there is nothing in it, it can only be an empty box.

Man, isn't it the same?


Watching magic when I was young, I often saw a big box nestled in a second-larger box, and the second-largest box nestled in a medium-sized box, and the medium-sized one A box is nested in a small box, and a small box is nested in a smaller box, and a smaller box is nested in a smallest box...Magicians often have to open the chained boxes one by one in order to be able to use them. Unravel the mystery.

If the hearts of each of us are packed in such a box, how can the hearts meet!


Once when I was waiting for the train at the station, I bought a new pair of leather shoes and put them in the waiting room because my old leather shoes were open. First put them in the beautiful box with the new leather shoes just now, and tie them with the original packaging string, and prepare to throw them into the trash can in a while. About half an hour later, when I went out to buy something to eat and returned to the waiting room, the box containing the rotten leather shoes was no longer there, but I suddenly heard the announcement: "Which passenger lost his new leather shoes, please hurry to the station." The office came to get it..." I heard that there was a person who liked to take advantage of it and went to claim it, and he tasted the smell of stinky shoes.

I couldn't laugh or cry immediately. If it weren't for this beautiful box, how could those rotten leather shoes have such a dramatic fate?

And in our life, is there still a lack of such details? !


I heard that in the process of producing soap, a company often has "empty boxes", that is, individual packaging boxes forget to put soap. "Empty boxes" mixed into finished products are difficult to detect because of their similar appearance, and if they enter the market, they can cause adverse consequences. When the factory manager was in trouble, an employee had an idea and moved an electric fan and put it on the assembly line after the soap was filled. As long as an "empty box" passed by on the production line, it would be blown down by the wind immediately...< br>
I suddenly remembered why some people often stumble and stumble on the road of life, unable to withstand the wind. It turns out that it is because their belly is empty, their brain is empty, their heart is empty, and their whole body is empty!


I can't forget the wonderful gift my father gave me on my 20th birthday—a watch. My father told me to cherish time like gold. Now, the box containing the watch has long been thrown away, but the watch is still ticking in my heart."Answer" ringing.

A clock is a box of time, which contains endless time. But, can it hold time? Time still sneaks out of it every minute and every second... …

It is said that when people were born, God gave each person a beautiful box, which is the box of time, and the time contained in it is exactly the same. But why some people’s time became pieces of gold and silver , Some people's time has become piles of dust? Is it the box, or the person who opened the box?

The box of time is full of countless birds of time, when you put them When you go out, what do you want them to take back?


Some myths and legends often depict the box as a "magic box" of God full of great temptation, which contains There are endless gold, silver, treasures, houses and fields. Some, such as Pandora's box, are also very attractive. Unexpectedly, after opening, various disasters such as diseases, disasters, crimes, greed, etc. fly out immediately and descend on the world... …

No matter how charming the box is, it is just an outer shell, which can contain both the devil and God. However, many times, we only see the beautiful box, but we cannot see whether it contains the devil or God. When the box was opened, it was too late...


One morning, there was a heavy fog in the sky, the eyes were hazy, and nothing could be seen clearly ten meters away. It’s like packing the roads and the whole city into a huge white box. I went out for a walk and couldn’t find my way home. Yesterday was a beautiful morning with birds singing and flowers scenting. Now I can’t see a trace of it. .

I can’t help but think of when I was a child, because I liked snow very much, I used to bring snow home in a beautiful box, but the next day, all the snow in the box disappeared. My mother told me that there is no need for snow. Doting, the colder it is, the more chic it will live; if you put it in a warm box, it will die...

I suddenly discovered that the thing that needs the "box" the most is nature.


Who needs and can’t live without a beautiful and gorgeous box to package themselves?

Grass does not need a "box"; trees do not need a "box" "; rain and snow do not need a "box"; mountains and rivers do not need a "box"; the moon does not need a "box"; stars and the sun do not need a "box".

A lie needs a "box"; The truth does not need a "box". Ugly needs a "box"; beauty does not need a "box"; intrigue requires a "box"; , there is no need for a "box"...

The magician's box often has infinitely changing things, but they are all fake. Fake ones need a box to cover them up; real ones don't need to be hidden in a box.

Still rigidity and decay are good to be contained in the "box". Fresh thoughts don't like the "box" because it restricts and confines others.The galloping footsteps broke the wings of imagination and thinking.

There are many people in the world, and there are also many invisible "boxes". Some people like to stay in the "box", some people are always outside the "box", some people are both outside the "box" and in the "box"...

If everyone puts himself Put it in a "box", everyone can't see each other, and the other can't see themselves. I don't know what the world will be like?

If the moon is also put into the "box", can we still see such a beautiful moon? If the earth is also put into the "box", is the earth still the current earth?

Only when a person dies does he really need a box—an urn.

Reader: Box

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