Reader: Suspicious micro life

Micro life is the life of people who bow their heads and forget to swipe their screens. A little friend was following the trend of fashion, so I asked him curiously: "If the bow-headed people don't swipe the screen, will they die?" He laughed and said: "Of course they won't die, but life is better than death!"

More than a century ago, foreigners traveled to China and liked to take pictures everywhere. From time to time, they would point their cameras at the ragged villagers. The villagers there were indeed too ignorant at that time, but the progress of modern netizens is obvious to all. The WeChat platform on 4G mobile phones is a magic swamp comparable to a black hole, but many people are willing to be in it. Also without hesitation.

In the Internet age, many people are inherently deficient and doomed not to be opinion leaders, so they have endless opportunities to be "opinion pockets" and accept all opinions from opinion leaders. In the past many years, everyone has more or less their own opinions on how to eat, how to wear, how to live, how to play, how to educate their children, how to work hard in the workplace, and so on. All gave new answers. It is still not enough to eat with gusto, and it has to be linked with green environmental protection; it is not enough to dress stylishly, but it is still necessary to pay more attention to taste; Post photos and experience in the circle of friends; it is not enough to educate children to have good conduct and good habits, but also to drive children to receive extra-curricular tutoring to make them proficient in all kinds of martial arts; Relying on hard work is still not enough, and we must follow the lead of the boss. This is the most important point. Some stock gods and financial masters are among them, and people flock to them even more. Once an opinion leader is sought after as a godfather figure, it means that he has gathered millions or tens of millions of fans, and it means that a large number of netizens have been reduced to copying what others say after being brutally and simply brainwashed by him. known molecules.

The circle of friends on WeChat is as utilitarian as the smell of garlic. There is no need for qualifications to be a micro-business, and there is no margin for selling products and works. Everyone is anxious to ask for mutual fans. Asking people to vote for themselves online is like calling for debts. You must have owed him (her) dozens of favors in your previous life. There are also groups of one kind or another, dragging you in, dragging you in, if you dare not give face to the group leader and leave the group without authorization, he will block you immediately. Over time, the circle of friends is reduced to the circle of acquaintances, the circle of acquaintances is reduced to the circle of strangers, and the circle of strangers is reduced to the circle of business. Swipe, and you will be included in Moments by the other party; Swipe again, and you will be kicked out of Moments by the other party; the "Sweep" in the front is the sweep of scanning, and the "Sweep" in the back is the sweep of sweeping. True friends are still few and far between, but there are plenty of fake friends. In fact, when you are suspicious of others, others are also suspicious of you. When you cut others, others are cutting you.

It is said that there are pictures and the truth, but too many news on WeChat are false, too many beautiful pictures are PS, too many beautiful girls are male, there are so many kinds of things, it is confusing. There are too many liars and not enough fools, and if you don't want to be either liars or fools, then just sit back and relax.

During the holidays, the most ironic thing is to snap up WeChat red envelopes. For a few cents, a few cents, and a few yuan a red envelope, netizens are crazy, with full enthusiasm and a hundred times Enthusiastically entertaining until death, all living beings are upside down and reappear today. It is understandable to have fun and play with heartbeats, but the donors who sprinkle money like drizzle are all clear-sighted. They are playing monkey games, earning yells, and fishing for reputation.

The low-headed people can't stop swiping the screen at all. They swipe when they are eating and drinking, and they are still swiping when crossing the zebra crossing. For the people who bow their heads, "You won't die if you don't swipe the screen, but you will live worse than death" is by no means a joke. In the past, I could understand that a friend didn’t buy a car or drive a car, but I couldn’t understand that he didn’t use a mobile phone. Now I understand that if you want to live a slow life of contentment and keep enough private space, you really have to use your mobile phone Just set it to mute, and stay away from WeChat Moments.

Micro life is trivial and insignificant. It makes people put aside the reality and anesthetize themselves with various illusions. It is like a wind from all directions, vainly disturbing the minds of people who bow their heads, depriving them of their scarce personal insights, and seemingly improving their emotional intelligence. In fact, it lowers IQ. Such a situation is not only suspicious, but the result may not be optimistic.

Reader: Suspicious micro life

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