Reader: When the heart is big, everything is small

Recently, I saw this passage on Weibo: "If you have a small heart, everything will become big; if you have a big heart, everything will become small. Big heart , accept the things of the world; empty one's heart, love the good of the world; calm one's heart, discuss the affairs of the world; submerge one's heart, observe the principles of the world; calm one's mind, respond to the changes of the world. Look at the big and difficult things, and look at the adversity and good times To be open-minded, to be willing and to have something to look at is wisdom, and to succeed or fail is to look at persistence." This passage expounds the relationship between the heart and things, which can be described as penetrating and incisive.

In real life, the same thing, because of different standpoints and perspectives, will produce different perceptions and feelings, and choose different methods and paths to deal with things. Whether to choose pennies and pennies and vengeance, or choose to endure for a while, take a step back, and deal with it with a normal heart, this considers a person's mind and tolerance, and also tests people's rationality and wisdom. "The bigger the heart, the smaller the matter." The truth couldn't be more simple. The "things" are there, whether big or small, the key lies in the size of the "heart".

It’s like a person looking at a rockery not far away. Standing at the window on the first floor and looking out, and standing at the window on the seventh floor looking out, the impression is definitely different—seeing from a high place The rockery is more comprehensive and clearer.

Like a leaf, if you put it in front of your eyes, it will be very big, but if you put it in the distance, it will be very small - the idiom "one leaf obstructs the eye" is a direct comment on this!

Just like a person facing a broken love, a small-minded person thinks. I can't live without you in this world, you are my everything, I care about you so much, I have to have you... As a result, I can only fill my heart with sadness, pain, and even seek death. But after you have really experienced the failure of love, you will see it indifferently in your heart. There is no grass anywhere in the world. If you break up, just break up. It’s no big deal. One day, you will definitely find your own lover.

Heart and matter are the two weights of the balance. If you are narrow-minded, you will make a fuss over a molehill and make the contradiction complicated; if you are broad-minded, you will make big things smaller and make things simpler. Put yourself down, others will see you as tall; put yourself up, others will see you as small. It is a good thing to be able to climb high. Standing high, you can indeed see far; if you are not high, don't be discouraged. The scenery in the low place also has its unique beauty. Only by going with the flow can we be at ease with the situation.

If the heart is weak, the will will fail, and if the will fails, the will will fail. If you think too much, your mood will become complicated, and conflicts will easily accumulate. Indifference is the good medicine to resolve the depression in the heart, and tolerance is the secret to balance emotions. Keep calm, the mind will be calm, and the mood will be warm. Good thinking makes you know what you don't have enough, good study makes you realize far away, good deeds make you cultivate your mind, good friendship makes you happy. Be content and know your insufficiency, do what you can do. Don't look back, it's a good day to come.

There is a saying in our country: "The prime minister can pull a boat in his belly." When the world is big, people are small; ok step by stepWhen you grow up, if you walk high, your heart will become wider; if you accumulate more, you will get less; if your life goes smoothly, your dreams will come true.

Attitude determines success or failure. Whether the mentality is positive or negative, whether it is altruistic or self-interested, whether it is responsible or perfunctory, whether it is aggressive or evasive, determines the future and destiny of life. There is a saying in Buddhism: "The environment changes according to the heart." Success and indifference, suffering and happiness, poverty and wealth, honor and disgrace, everyone's feelings are different. Only being able to deal with it calmly is the state of mind of a wise man.

There is such a couplet: "Don't be surprised by favor or disgrace, watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; there is no hope to stay or leave, and the sky is clouded and clouded." This world will be better, start from me, start from now, know people when encountering things, and learn from them, what other "things" can be more important than having a "heart" that is wider than the earth, ocean and sky big?

Reader: When the heart is big, everything is small

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