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Life is like tea, with a touch of sorrow.

Accompanied by loneliness sometimes, reading makes my heart throb. In the past, I read because of loneliness. Don't know how to taste, don't know how to appreciate. Just want to get out of loneliness. now. I read for the love of reading. I don't know if I strayed into its world or it opened my heart. Opening the pages of the book, my heart skipped a beat. Those inspiring words make the heart tremble, bold and unrestrained. One after another came. The dream is sad and magnificent. Sometimes it's out of reach, sometimes it's close at hand. Run on the road of dreams, with hardships and hardships. Even so, I yearn for it like sugarcane. Yesterday is gone, I should be busy today, because I still have my dream tomorrow.

Opening the pages of the book, I feel deeply that those supernatural words touch the soul, making me feel comfortable and happy. Follow along. Reading, I become docile. Sometimes fantasy, close your eyes, a grass. The grass that grows again when the spring breeze blows. I don't like peonies, because they are noble, and I don't like them. I'm just a grass. I don't like roses, I hate their life experience. It's just a tool for delivery. And I'm just a grass. When they are alone, I am enjoying the comfort that the sun gives me. When they are blooming, but I am taking a nap in An Tian. Maybe I am really a grass. Come to face this kind of "life"

Open the pages of the book and fly along with the text. Those sad and beautiful words make the soul feel sad. Sad, moved, overwhelming. I want to stay away from the hustle and bustle and find a place of happiness. I can't succeed in the end, but I am unwilling to sink, maybe I am very small, just a drop in the ocean, and a drop of water also reflects the world, I am not a zero. Abandon obedience, and move towards the true self. Although I am still an ordinary person... Opening the pages of the book, my heart moves with the text, full of emotions. Read, let it be... (Reader's Digest)

Readers: Reading

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