Recommended positive inspirational articles

Recommended positive inspirational articles

Introduction: People who know how to avoid problems are better than those who know how to solve them. In this world, when you don't know what to do, choosing to learn may be the best choice. The editor of Inspirational below has compiled for you those who know how to avoid problems, better than those who know how to solve them. In this world, when you don't know what to do, choosing to learn may be the best choice. , welcome to read.

Episode 1:

Gorgeous youth requires struggle

Xi Murong once said: The beauty and preciousness of youth lies in its innocence and innocence, and in its availability but not inability Begging lies in its never returning. However, I believe that the beauty and preciousness of youth lies in the fact that we were young at that time, with a young appearance, a young mind, a young drive, expectations for the future, and persistence in dreams. More importantly, when we are young, we are not afraid of failure, and we are brave enough to fight.

My interpretation of struggle is: work hard for the things or people you want, and keep working hard.

When I was young, I would obediently take a lunch break at noon for the reward of a candy; when I was older, I would try to get 100 points in the exam in order to prove myself to others; Dream and struggle. Struggle means fighting hard. On your own battlefield, you are fully armed, fighting and shouting, and bleeding and sweating are nothing, because your heart is full of dreams, and that is a bright future.

There is a song that says: It is hard to get, cherish it. We don't value what other people give us, because it is not difficult to get it. Only what we have obtained through our own hard work will be regarded as treasures, because what we have obtained is not only that thing, but also the additional efforts and sweat.

Because we are young, we struggle, and because of struggle, we are forever young. Struggling is the youth that shouts; Struggling has immortal hope; Struggling is the possibility of success.

I like Lin Daojing and Lu Jiachuan in "Song of Youth". China's future struggle is also for their future.

The last paragraph of the book reads: "The endless flow of people, the bright and eye-catching banners, the hoarse and tragic slogans, continue to boil on the streets and above the ancient old capital, and the vigorous steps continue to On and on -- on and on..." On and on, never-ending struggle. I think this is the "greenThe main theme of "Song of Spring" is also the keynote of Song of Youth.

Youth is the most beautiful when you are constantly struggling. As long as you work hard, you won't regret it.

Part 2:

Positive energy in life

Positive energy is a very popular word in today’s society. It literally means everything Give people upward and hope, encourage people to pursue continuously, and make life full and happy. Positive energy, from "Give power" and "HOLD to live" all the way, it is no longer a simple "positive energy", it has risen to become a symbol full of symbolic meaning, deeply related to our emotions Relationship expresses our desire and our expectation.

Why do people embody "positive energy, and can even pass it on continuously? It comes from a kind of passion, persistence and positive attitude towards life. People with high positive energy know how to work hard, enjoy life, look to the future, Cherish the current youth, so that you can continue to create and develop yourself. Work is not only a means of survival, but also a tool for creating happiness and enjoying happiness for yourself. Life is a mirror, and pain and laughter are parallel , you smile at it, it will also smile at you. Give work a smile every day, work will give us a surprise, be the darling of life, your life will be more exciting; life is always full of unexpected surprises Reward yourself!

Look at the flowers blooming in the shells on the rocky cliffs. Perhaps the words such as gorgeous and beautiful are not enough capital to talk about, but from the straight posture, and the budding, vigorous The exuberant vitality has no reason to deny this plant's desire for life. No matter how difficult the conditions are and how harsh the living environment is, you must persist in using your own strength to compete with the environment to the end! The demeanor remains the same, and it grows vigorously.

Recommended positive inspirational articles

< p>I have read the article written by Mrs. Curie: A sweet melon seed fell into the mud crevice in the corner of "Life Life", but what is unexpected is that a small melon seedling sprouted in a short period of time. Drilling out of the wall, it grew very vigorously. However, it only lived for a few days. As everyone knows, this just reflects a very high positive energy! What kind of powerful and shocking power is contained in that insignificant life? The walls of the world have been broken! It is inspiring and thought-provoking. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to find that human beings are so small compared with everything in nature.

Actually, the positive things in life There is a steady stream of energy, and the real meaning lies in slowly digging, discovering, and comprehending. If you long for the majestic and magnificent scenery on the mountain, don't shrink back from the dangerous rough thorns on the mountain climbing road; if you think the vast sea is full of temptations Don't be afraid that the huge waves will suddenly turn up during the voyage. Moving forward is a difficult road. If you choose excitement, you will choose exploration; if you choose tranquility, you will choose desolation and loneliness.

Part 3:

You are "no one wants" because you have no money

There is a song like "Women, listen carefully", the lyrics are roughly: women love money soDumped him, and then the author was unhappy, complaining that the society complained that women didn't want him. He thinks it's all because of his lack of money. An awe-inspiring aura rushed towards his face. Both are dicks, and the old monk is angry with him.

Whenever we speculate on this complex world with the dirtiest, we are shocked by its purity - love is conditional. Love is a contest of comprehensive strength; marriage is a contract that has been polished for a long time. When two people come together, after all, some artifacts or spiritual aspects satisfy each other. Some people love for material things, some people love for appearance, some people love for talent, and some people love for ideal. From the perspective of satisfying needs, there is no distinction between high and low. Why should we impose a moral label on the reasons for love?

A girl falls in love with a rich man because of money, and a beautiful woman falls in love with a prodigal son because of talent. What is right and wrong? A love is because of kindness And in the beginning, a love began because of sex, which one is better? A man abandons a woman who once attracted him with her beauty because she is no longer young, and a woman leaves him because a man who once attracted her with his kindness does evil. , what is the difference? An idiotic wit, a bankrupt rich man, an evil benefactor, and a disfigured beauty, when their spouse leaves them, we can rank the departures What?

The narrow view of love divided into high and low has been passed on for thousands of years through the narcissism of literati. Why should money be expelled from the palace of love, why should beauty be vulgar to the heart, why should only a "beautiful heart" be worthy of the beginning of a pure love. Romeo fell in love with Juliet, if you say that the first thing you fell in love with was her character, I wouldn't believe it; if Zhu Yingtai admired Liang Shanbo, if it was because of shamelessness, I think those excerpts were all in vain.

All love inducements are upright, even love stories with material clues don't need to be classified as barnyard official history. What's more, beauty is a scarce resource, which requires high consumption to maintain—high consumption in spirit, system, material and other aspects. Then someone wants to ask, does love have to be related to money? Can you not fall in love without money or status? I want to say, brother, you are digressing. What kind of person to look for, what kind of love to fall in love with, radish and cabbage each have their own love, that is another topic. What we are talking about is that if our marriage and love situation is not ideal, we should not complain about the society, let alone "women love money, social reality". Our "no one wants" is not because we have no money, but because we have nothing to ask for, and we don't have money.

It's not that "women love money", it's that many people have nothing, not even money. This kind of situation is misunderstood by unmotivated diaosi, who use vilification of society to comfort themselves. If you really fight for the inside, you will lose even more. Moreover, people want to find people who are excellent in all aspects, and the correlation between excellent people in all aspects and wealth and status is also very high. While correlation isn't everything, it does explain some things. No matter how rich the locals are,He is also a successful person in the same living environment. When Diaosi, who was at the same starting point as the local tyrant many years ago, was still mentally empty, having a few mountains of gold and silver is better than nothing. The utility of wealth and status is not only the function of wealth and status itself, but also the internal and external qualities accumulated by progressive subjects in the process of accumulation. Bad women love men's money and power, and good women love men who are sunny, confident and positive because they can have money and power. Different routes lead to the same goal!

We dicks shouldn’t blame "girls like money" (in fact, liking money is only a part of it, and they look more at things other than money), complaining about this and that in society, but ourselves. Fighting, no one wants you to complain about the society? Marriage and love are a pairing sport, you and me, you and I are willing to make a decision and hold hands and grow old together. In the animal kingdom, courtship is originally a competition among heroes and the capable ones live there. In the group of monkeys, only the monkey king can have a wife, even if you are thrown into the group of monkeys, you will still be widowed and lonely. Cowherd seduces Weaver Girl, Dong Yong seduces Seven Fairies, the stories of the Stockholm Syndrome-ridden goddess who loves diaosi only live in the yy dreams of poor and corrupt literati in classical Chinese. If you want to have an ideal love, you should have something you can get - something that you and I don't even have except money, not just complaining.

Complaints in any aspect are meaningless and inefficient-a commonplace topic. Society has never been obliged to ensure that everyone has a lover, but it does provide all people with the opportunity to obtain love through self-improvement. This opportunity is in front of everyone. How honest we are when we use this opportunity and how much we have improved will determine how qualified we are to choose. There are standards for choosing a mate, you can't blame people for being cruel, you have your roots, and he has his roots. Marrying a wife is, in the final analysis, a contest of comprehensive strength. Behind the seemingly simple utility of wealth is the countless twists and turns of the self-improvement process of more than ten years or even decades.

Life is broken by oneself, and the country is built by oneself. Whoever is good will take it with him, and whoever is bad will stay next to him. It's not that we can find a wife if someone else is miserable. Even if Guo Degang dies, Jiang Kun can't sell tickets. You say you don’t pay attention to your studies, don’t pay attention to your work, watch AVs and don’t read in your spare time, when you are in school, you are full of people, and after work, you spray big Vs, you play when they are working hard, you masturbate when they are struggling, and when they are exercising You are getting fat, but when you are riding Yadi to deliver food, when you see him with his arms around the long-legged goddess, you yell at "women are too realistic", are you tmd sure that your IQ can count change?

When it comes to complaining, the most common thing is to complain that you have "good character" but "have no partner", so "social material, everyone is realistic". I have to ask: You say you have a good character, but who has a bad character? "Truth, goodness and beauty" has never been the patent of "short, poor and ugly" or "tall, handsome and rich". In the love arena, "good character" is the common bottom line for everyone, and you can't take the bottom line as a gold medal. "Good character, very dedicated" is just a threshold, and whether you can make your lover live a good life is the story above the threshold.

Don’t talk about your character if you are not capable enough, and your characterIs there any guarantee? It doesn't mean that you are short, poor, ugly and stupid, you are single-minded, you just don't have the opportunity to indulge. You open your mouth and shut up, you are a nice person, but in the end the only thing you can prove your character is your poverty—are you fucking kidding me? Miserable is miserable, good is good, "there is little money, people are stupid and low status" This is the same as There is a causal relationship between "good character"? The level of character has never had any corresponding relationship with the amount of wealth. You are miserable, it only shows that you are not capable, that you are a male animal that does not have enough social resources, this has something to do with how good you are as a human being?

Are you penniless? Those who strive for spiritual charm? Yes! Throughout the ages, there are some who are materially penniless but are either supported or self-made with their wives. But the premise is that they possess spiritual charm such as character and talent. What is certain is that if you are a dick all your life but only complain about the society, you are a dog, and no one will believe that you have charisma.

Finally, three sentences are summarized:

We are not defeated by money, but by our own quality. What we need to do is not to complain, but to become awesome, master more social resources, and empower ourselves to love the people we love.

The pure dicks who complain about society’s lack of motivation every day chase girls not by so-called "sincerity", but by betting on how stupid this girl is; what they need to find is not a lover, but a fool.

For those who only complain about the society, it is good that they cannot find a wife. The "complaining gene" should be eradicated from the root. Girls with motivated men genetically guarantee human progress.

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