Shi Zhengrong: A person who asks the sun for wealth

In April 2006, on behalf of Suntech Power, Shi Zhengrong signed a contract with the National Stadium to install part of the solar photovoltaic power generation system for the "Bird's Nest" free of charge, providing green energy for the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games, bringing Sunshine spread to more people.

He is known as the "Son of the Sun" because he is a person who chases the sun. He has more than a dozen international solar energy patents and is in a leading position in the world. His Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd. is currently the largest solar cell production base in China. While spreading sunshine all over the world, he also created huge personal wealth. In 2006, his personal wealth soared to 18.6 billion yuan. Overseas students returned to China to start their own businesses. In February 1963, in the countryside of Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, a family surnamed Chen gave birth to twin boys. At the same time, Shi’s family in the same village also gave birth to a girl on the same day. down and died. At that time, apart from the twin boys, the Chen family had a son and a daughter, and the burden on the Chen family was even heavier. So, after discussing with the grandparents of the Chen family, the Shi family decided to give one of the Chen family's twin boys to the Shi family.

Shi Zhengrong: A person who asks the sun for wealth

Therefore, the boy whose surname should have been Chen was changed to Shi, which is the protagonist of this article, Shi Zhengrong. Since his family lives by the Yangtze River, little Shi Zhengrong liked to sit by the river and meditate since he was a child. There are mountains on the other side of the river, but what is on the other side of the mountains? It should still be a mountain, he thought. When he was 10 years old, his grandfather took him to a relative's house over the mountain for a wedding. Only then did he suddenly realize that there is a wider world beyond the mountain! Since then, he has secretly made up his mind to learn more knowledge and see a bigger world in the future. In the 1980s, Shi Zhengrong was admitted to Changchun University of Science and Technology with excellent grades. After graduation, he was admitted to the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to study for a master's degree. Because of his excellent grades, he was sent to Australia in 1988 to continue his studies. When he received this notice, he was so excited that he didn't sleep well for several nights. Not only did he walk out of the mountains, but now he had to go abroad, and finally he could go abroad to open his eyes! In 1989, seeing that his studies in Australia were coming to an end, one day he saw a job advertisement on campus. A professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering was recruiting a part-time graduate student. He thought, if I apply for the job, I can stay abroad for a longer period of time and learn more knowledge.

So, he knocked on the door of the professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering. But to his disappointment, someone else had already taken the job before him. However, he also got news that one of the school's most famous professors, Martin Green, also needs manpower. It was a sunny afternoon, Shi Zhengrong knocked on the door of Professor Martin Green, and a tall and handsome man came out. The elegant demeanor of this man made Shi Zhengrong suddenlyI don't know what to say. After being stunned for a while, Shi Zhengrong stammered out why he came. The man said, "I'm sorry, we don't need people here." "I'm here to learn knowledge, so I don't need a salary." The man looked at him, paused and said, "Please come in!" In this way, Shi Zhengrong got the opportunity to study under Professor Martin Green, became a doctoral student of "the father of solar energy", and changed his career to research solar energy. In 1992, Shi Zhengrong received a doctorate in solar energy science and stayed at the school as a researcher at the Solar Energy Research Center. In 1995, he prepared to establish the Pacific Solar Energy Research Center and served as the executive technical director. Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy, which can be said to be inexhaustible and inexhaustible, and it is non-polluting and green. Many developed countries attach great importance to the development and utilization of solar energy, why not develop this green energy in China? Shi Zhengrong had the idea of ??starting a business in China. At the beginning of 2000, Shi Zhengrong told his family who had lived in Australia for many years that when he was about to return to China to start a business, his father-in-law first raised a question: "A scholar, you also want to start a business, do you know how deep the water is here?" "Yes Is it that complicated?" Shi Zhengrong blurted out. He firmly believes that solar energy is an industry with broad development prospects, so he sold all his property under the pressure of his family and returned to China.

However, as soon as he returned to China, he hit a wall. When he talked about solar energy to others, before he finished speaking, they said: "Oh, I know, isn't it just solar water heaters, we have already used them!" Green energy is simply understood as Solar water heater, for a while, he changed from a respected high-tech person in Australia to a poor doctor with empty skills. Although he could not be understood by others, Shi Zhengrong still took the 210-page "business plan" he wrote in a week, and looked for Bole everywhere. When he handed over the "business plan" to a local government official in Wuxi, it didn't take long for him to receive an invitation to give a speech in Wuxi. The three-hour speech shocked the local people in Wuxi. The local government strongly invited him to enter the Wuxi High-tech Park, and helped him raise 8 million US dollars to establish Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd. "Son of the Sun" succeeded in starting a business. After the company was established, Shi Zhengrong realized how much his family cared for him. Only then did he realize that doing business and doing research are two different things. At that time, Suntech was only a small company, and people in the society believed that Suntech had no money. The engineer responsible for installing the equipment came directly to Shi Zhengrong's office and said, "Mr. Shi, you have to pay half of our wages before we install it for you." Shi Zhengrong said, "Then you have to install the equipment for me, and I will pay you again." The other half." "Okay," the engineer agreed. But when the equipment was half installed, the engineer came again and said, "Mr. Shi, you have to give me the other half of the wages before we install it for you." The other half of the salary?" Shi Zhengrong said angrily. "youIt's a small company, if we install it and you run out of money, who do we turn to? " "Don't worry, how can I not pay you when I'm here?" "Mr. Shi, will you give it or not?" If you don't give it, we will tear down the half that is finished right now. Shi Zhengrong was dumbfounded. He thought that being the general manager in China would be very prestigious, but he didn't expect him to be so useless as the general manager. Due to lack of funds, Suntech Power did not produce its own products for nearly a year. This dissatisfied the shareholders who invested. Even the partners who returned from Australia to start a business with Shi Zhengrong gave up hope for the company and withdrew their capital and left. The stronger Shi Zhengrong swore secretly: "Even if I die in Wuxi, I will not lose face. "Although the company has been announced to be established, the shareholders' money is not very happy, so that the construction of the plant and the purchase of equipment are progressing slowly, and even the salary of the employees has become a problem. From March 2002 to the end of 2004, he The leader only gets a quarter of his salary. In addition to economic difficulties, Shi Zhengrong also encountered cultural difficulties.

He soon discovered that he did not understand that he had left ten years ago. The hometown of several years. It was agreed to discuss a project, and we sat down and didn’t talk about the matter. We had a drink first, and then we talked after drinking. At first, Shi Zhengrong felt very awkward, and he also doubted himself. Suntech is struggling, should he give up or continue? There is no turning back, he decided to abandon the hat of studying abroad as a doctor, regard himself as an ordinary entrepreneur, and devote himself to solving difficulties. By 2002 After more than a year of preparation, Suntech finally went into production. In 2003, the company realized a profit of more than 900,000 US dollars. But in 2004, Shi Zhengrong began to worry again. The company is researching and producing solar cell silicon wafers. It is an indispensable raw material for the solar energy industry. Due to the rapid development of the solar energy industry in the world, the supply of solar-grade silicon materials is in short supply. From 2003 to 2004 alone, the market price of silicon rose by 30%. Although he There are already several suppliers of silicon, but the survival and development of the enterprise must rely on more silicon. If the supply of silicon cannot keep up one day, the development of the company will stagnate. He asked everywhere There is silicon, and when he found out that Europe has silicon, he immediately bought a plane ticket and flew to Europe. Shi Zhengrong ran a lot around Europe, but there was no silicon. If he just went back like this, it would be a waste of time. So he used E-mail to remotely control the affairs of the company, and at the same time continued to look for silicon in Europe.

At this time, he thought of a German company that had done business with , that is one of the largest silicon wafer manufacturers in the world. Shi Zhengrong thought that if he could not find a new silicon source, he could ask him for more silicon! So he flew to Germany with a glimmer of hope. The silicon wafer manufacturer was enthusiastic He sincerely invited Shi Zhengrong to visit his home. His home has 30 to 40 acres of land, which is a large manor. It was a Jewish family 130 years ago.Too bankers made it. The silicon wafer manufacturer accompanied Shi Zhengrong to visit his estate and introduced the history and culture of the house. Seeing that he was in a good mood, Shi Zhengrong thought to himself that there was hope. But he soon discovered that the other party seemed to be only enthusiastically showing him around the castle and enjoying the scenery, but he didn't mention anything about silicon. Shi Zhengrong was only thinking about silicon, and he didn't have the heart to listen to the other party's introduction, so he interrupted the other party and asked: "Next year, how much silicon can you give us? Can you increase it from five megawatts to fifty megawatts?" Megawatts, increase tenfold?" The other party turned around, drew a circle with his hand, and said, "Your next year will be zero." I finally understood that friendship and business in the mall are two different things. It must be to do business with you. At this moment, the other party's son ran over and said, "Dad, Dad, I found a lighter." Shi Zhengrong saw that it was probably a lighter made in China in the 1970s, with Mao Zedong's head on it. The other party said: "This lighter won't fire, can you help fix it?" The next day, Shi Zhengrong took the lighter back to China. After returning to China, he handed the lighter to his driver and said, "You find a way to fix this lighter." The next day, the driver delivered the lighter. It can also play the music of "Dongfanghong". It was just before Christmas, so Shi Zhengrong bought a Christmas card and sent it back to Germany along with the lighter. After sending away the lighter, Shi Zhengrong forgot about it.

But more than ten days later, he received a call from Germany, who said that he would sign a contract with Shi Zhengrong to provide him with silicon raw materials for ten years. Shi Zhengrong couldn't believe it. He had traveled thousands of miles to Germany and hadn't settled anything yet. How could there be a turning point? It wasn't until the German boss sent a representative to sign the contract with Shi Zhengrong that he learned that it was the broken lighter that moved the German boss deeply, so he got the ten-year supply contract. This made Shi Zhengrong overjoyed, and also made him feel a lot of emotion. When he brought the lighter back for repairs, he didn't think much about it. It was just because the child's pleading eyes moved him. problem. In this way, Shi Zhengrong became good personal friends with the German boss. With the continuous supply of raw materials from the German silicon manufacturer, the soaring price and shortage of silicon in the next few years did not affect Shi Zhengrong's development speed. In the words of the employees, the company's construction speed could not keep up with their development. speed. The production scale of Suntech Power has expanded at a geometric speed, and the net profit in 2004 has increased by 20 times compared with that in 2003. On December 14, 2005, the five-star red flag flew high in front of the New York Stock Exchange, and Wuxi Suntech became the first mainland private enterprise listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Half a month later, the stock market value soared to 34.02 US dollars per share, which means that Shi Zhengrong's worth reached 2.313 billion US dollars, a total of about 18.6 billion yuan. At this time, since Suntech Power was put into operationJust 4 years. Shi Zhengrong staged a wealth myth.

At this time, Shi Zhengrong became the "new richest man in China" sought after by Wall Street and the media. However, Shi Zhengrong said indifferently: "It's just a numbers game, meaningless What is meaningful is the real performance, to let solar power generation products enter more ordinary people’s homes.” Spreading sunshine to the world However, although Suntech Power has become the first in the solar energy industry in China and the fourth in the world, its products 90% of them are sold abroad, the typical flowering inside the wall and incense outside the wall. This is very different from Shi Zhengrong's original intention of making solar energy illuminate the whole of China when he returned to China to start a business, so he began to open up the domestic market. When he heard that the Quzhongba Primary School with the highest altitude in Tibet had no electricity and the students were studying under dim butter lamps, he immediately decided to donate the solar products produced by his company to the primary school to light up the electricity for these children. Brighten the classroom and let the sun's rays illuminate their future forever. In April 2006, Shi Zhengrong signed a contract with the National Stadium on behalf of Suntech Power to install part of the solar photovoltaic power generation system for the "Bird's Nest" for free, providing green energy for the main venue of the 2008 Olympic Games and spreading sunlight to more people.

Shi Zhengrong's next dream is to make solar power generation products available to all Chinese people, and let solar power generation gradually replace thermal power generation, so that the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green waters will once again Come back to us

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