Stories from Chinese History: An Introduction to the Life of Yin Feng How did Yin Feng die?

Since ancient times, after a son-in-law marries a princess, is he really happy?

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a son-in-law named Yin Feng, who answered this question with practical actions.

Yinfeng's family background is extremely prominent, his father is Xinyang Hou Yinjiu, and Yinjiu is the younger brother of the famous empress Yin Lihua.

Yin Feng was born noble, as the nephew of Yin Lihua's direct relative, he was established as the eldest son since he was a child, and he is the future quasi-marquis.

Yin Feng, who was born in the royal family, was pampered since childhood. When he grew up, he was not only lustful, but also had a fiery temper!

However, his status was there after all. Under the conditions at the time, he was the most suitable person to be a son-in-law, so the emperor ordered a marriage to match him with Princess Liu Shou of Liyi.

Yinfeng and Princess Liyi, are they a happy relationship or a sin?

The history books describe this couple like this: "Princess is proud and jealous, Feng is also anxious."

Such two men and women are hard Together, what will be the result? After the young couple got married, there was a small quarrel for two days, and a big quarrel for three days. Every time they quarreled, they made a lot of noise. Everyone knew that their husband and wife were not on good terms.

Princess Liyi was born in the royal family and was born noble, even worse than Yinfeng. She was pampered since she was a child. Liu Zhuang also dotes on her very much.

The little princess of the Liu family is not only full of arrogance, but also full of jealousy, but her husband Yinfeng always goes out behind her back, which makes the little princess very angry Big fire!

Stories from Chinese History: An Introduction to the Life of Yin Feng How did Yin Feng die?

One day, the couple got together and quarreled again. .

When the two of them quarreled to the climax, Yinfeng was so furious that he picked up a knife and gave Princess Liyi a knife.

Even if no one knew about the situation at that time, we can still make a rough guess. Say "No matter what, I'm a princess, how dare you do anything to me? Do you dare! Do you dare!"

Yin Feng was originally angry, and after hearing what the princess said, he immediately I lost my mind, and my guts swelled rapidly, so he assassinated the princess, and hit the vital point with a knife, and the princess died on the spot.

When Yinfeng regained his senses, but the princess was already dead, and when he realized that the matter had reached the point of no return, Yinfeng was afraid again and again.

The killing of a princess is not a trivial matter. Soon, Liu Zhuang in the palace heard that his sister was actually killed by his son-in-law Yinfeng. To take revenge is to establish prestige for the Liu family: if you can kill the princess today, you will kill the emperor in the future!

Thus, in front of Yin Lihua, who was already the Queen Mother, Liu Zhuang mercilessly ordered Yin Feng to be cut off. Yinfeng's parents should be jointly and severally responsible, but Liu Zhuang allowed them to commit suicide at home because Yin was the younger brother of the Empress Dowager Yin, and the whole body could be preserved.

After such an earth-shattering assassination of the princess by the son-in-law, the future son-in-laws have since lost the courage to challenge the princess’s wife, and they all serve the princess honestly, not daring to have second thoughts.

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