Stories from Chinese History: Why Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were able to revolt successfully and why did they fail in the end

Relying on their cocooned hands, courage and courage, two farmers will usher in a bumper harvest in the autumn of 209 BC. The difference is that their objects are not farmland crops , but a new dynasty. At this time, during the brutal rule of the Qin Dynasty, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, the lower class people who were not willing to accept mermaid flesh, were the first to wake up in numbness and forbearance, and chose to live for themselves. Kind of like that," they shouted to the sky. Therefore, a mighty peasant uprising is ready to go.

The reason for the success of the uprising

As the corps leader, Chen Sheng delayed the date of going to the destination during the expedition. According to the Qin law, if the date is delayed, he will be executed. At the critical moment of life and death , Chen Sheng resolutely decided to start an uprising, and discussed the plan of the uprising with his fellow countryman Wu Guang. A certain mass base.

Stories from Chinese History: Why Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were able to revolt successfully and why did they fail in the end

Since ancient times, when emperors descend, there will be some supernatural phenomena, such as: "the sun enters the belly", "the dragon enters the womb", etc. In fact, these are all to maintain the king The position granted by heaven allows professional historians and public opinion makers to compile some bizarre legends to prove that it is God's will to become king. And Chen Sheng's uprising campaign was quite successful. They specially found a fortune teller to ask about good and bad luck, and from the words of the fortune teller, they realized the enlightenment of borrowing ghosts and gods to "power the crowd". That night, they used cinnabar to write "Chen Shengwang" on a piece of cloth, and stuffed it with fishermen. in the belly of the fish. When everyone was eating fish, they found the "Dan Shu" in the belly of the fish. They were surprised at first, and they lit a bonfire next to the temple. It looked like a ghost fire from a distance, and they pretended to be ghosts and gods and said "Da Chu". Xing, King Chen Sheng", the soldiers were both shocked and frightened.

The next day I looked at Chen Sheng curiously, and Wu Guang threatened to run away when the escorted soldiers were drunk. The hatred of the guards was ignited, and at this moment, the guards were full of resentment and anger like a flood of beasts, and the guards rallied and coaxed them. Wu Guang seized one general with his sword and killed him, and Chen Sheng also took advantage of the situation to kill another general. Just such a person whose talent is not as good as ordinary people, and who is not as wise as Confucius and Mo Di, managed to take the lead in the uprising through a series of activities

. Not long after Chen Sheng made himself king, some people in other places who were dissatisfied with the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty made themselves king one after another, springing up like mushrooms after rain.

Why the Uprising Failed

More than two thousand years ago, the first large-scale peasant uprising occurred in Chinese history. In this uprising, the male number one and the second male number should be Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, but why did the last two, one die at the hands of his coachman and the other die at the hands of General Tian Zang, both died at the hands of his own people? . A real problem was laid out in front of everyone. Why did the uprising fail?

I am afraid that the reason should be traced to Chen Sheng himself. Chen Sheng, who was born as a farmer, won the common people by making publicity, but it was difficult for the wealthy and knowledgeable nobles and wealthy families to accept. Without noble birth and blood, why lead the princes and nobles? Intellectuals will definitely not follow him to do business wholeheartedly, and Chen Sheng is hard to convince. Second, it is too gullible. In the later period of the uprising, he trusted Zhu Fang and Hu Wu very much, which led them to monopolize power and alienate other generals. The death of Wu Guang resulted in the destruction of the entire army of this rebel army. At this time, the heroes were separated, and their territories were not many. They were the targets of the Qin Dynasty's siege. They had to deal with internal conflicts and deal with various forces.

Even if the uprising failed in the end, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were still the great pioneers of the peasant uprising.

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