Stories from the harem: Why did Zhang Yan remain a virgin until she died? Is she a good person or a bad person?

If you had a niece who ended up being your wife and she was only eleven years old, do you think you would accept that?

Zhang Yan was a queen of the Han Dynasty, and her husband was the beloved son of the famous poison queen Lv Zhi-Liu Ying, Emperor Hui of the Han Dynasty. According to seniority, Zhang Yan is Liu Ying's niece. Zhang Yan's mother is Princess Lu Yuan, and Princess Lu Yuan is Liu Ying's sister of the same father and mother. Empress Lu loves both Princess Lu Yuan and Liu Ying very much.

Why did Zhang Yan marry her own uncle? And why did people not discover that she was a pure and pure "virgin" until after she died? All kinds of questions can be answered in this person.

Stories from the harem: Why did Zhang Yan remain a virgin until she died? Is she a good person or a bad person?

This person is Lu Zhi. As long as Lu Zhi is mentioned, the first words that come to mind are probably "vicious", "cruel", "vicious", "dominant", "lustful for profit" and so on. However, no matter how indestructible she looks, the queen mother who dominates the world still has a soft spot in her heart, which is facing her offspring.

Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, has good and bad reviews, but I think he is a scumbag! Who can do it, throwing away his two sons and daughters and fleeing alone in times of crisis, and let the sons and daughters die? The point is that Liu Bang has done this kind of thing of using his sons and daughters to block the sword more than once, and this is the most irritating thing!

When he was being chased by Xiang Yu's pursuers, Xia Houying saw Princess Lu Yuan and Liu Ying who were also fleeing for their lives, and he pulled them into the carriage. When there are too many people, the horses run slower, and the pursuers will soon catch up. In order to escape for his own life, Liu Bang was really able to kick Princess Lu Yuan and Liu Ying off the carriage!

Even Xia Houying couldn't see it, and jumped off the carriage to find the siblings, but Liu Bang kicked the siblings off the carriage again. Repeated this several times, when Liu Bang was really out of danger, he didn't even apologize.

After the establishment of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang wanted to abolish Liu Ying's crown prince because he liked Mrs. Qi and Mrs. Qi's son. Liu Bang himself couldn't beat the Huns, but he still had to show off. After losing the battle, he had no choice but to marry the princess to the Xiongnu, but the first thing he thought of was Princess Lu Yuan. Speaking of which, what crime did Liu Ying and Princess Lu Yuan do to meet such a "scumbag" father?

For Princess Lu Yuan and Liu Ying, how sad it must be to be abandoned by their biological fatherah! The same is true for Lu Zhi, she was also abandoned by Liu Bang, and her children were not spared either.

Liu Bang failed to keep his wife Lu Zhi and his parents, so they all fell into Xiang Yu's hands. Lv Zhi is a girl who falls into Xiang Yu's barracks, what do you think will happen? Xiang Yu told Liu Bang that he was going to cook Liu Bang's father, but Liu Bang said, okay, okay, call me when you are cooked, and I will eat the meat!

So, when the children are by his side, Lu Zhi always tries to think about them more. Being a mother is tough, there is a reason why Lu's pheasant turned bad!

Princess Lu Yuan is the only daughter of Lu Zhi. When she was going to marry her daughter, she chose Zhang Ao, a good-tempered son-in-law. Now, Princess Lu Yuan's daughter has grown to eleven years old, and she has reached the age where she can discuss marriage. Although she looks very young, this is not a big deal in ancient times.

Lu Zhi's son, Liu Ying, has become the emperor at this time, and he is the lord of the world. In order to protect his niece from suffering, Lu Zhi will continue to be by his side in the future , let Liu Ying marry Zhang Yan. Not only that, Lu Zhi also let Liu Ying make Zhang Yan the queen, becoming the most honorable woman in the harem.

After marrying Liu Ying, Zhang Yan lived a happy life, because her uncle and husband Liu Ying was very indulgent to her. However, Liu Ying saw her niece Zhang Yan every day, and she couldn't do anything about it. This caused the problem that they had been married for more than a year, but Zhang Yan couldn't conceive a child anyway. Lu Zhi was in a hurry. She hoped that Zhang Yan could have a child with Liu Ying, so that she could make the child the crown prince and inherit the throne in the future.

However, Zhang Yan is indeed very young. Lu Zhi tried various methods, but Zhang Yan just couldn't get pregnant. In the end, Lu Zhi had no choice but to teach Zhang Yan to pretend to be pregnant. According to the method provided by her grandmother Lu Zhi, Zhang Yan pretended that she had a child, and she pretended to be whatever other people conceived. Once Lu Zhi counted the days, it was almost time for Zhang Yan to "have a baby".

So Lu Zhi found a court lady whom Liu Ying favored, snatched away the child born to the court lady, and declared that the child was born to Zhang Yan.

It can be seen that Lu Zhi has taken care of Zhang Yan's affairs, otherwise he would not have made suggestions for Zhang Yan again and again.

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