Story meeting: [New legend] Love is a technical activity

Ye Jun is a twenty-eight-year-old young man. He looks vigorous and has a good family background, but he doesn't even have a girlfriend. Is God destined to make me single? Ye Jun was full of unwillingness. The family members are even more anxious to get angry, but they will hold on to every opportunity.

On this day, my mother excitedly said to Ye Jun: "Jun'er, I heard that there is a "God's Marriage Agency" by the Fairy Lake that has a special effect. Let's go for a walk on Saturday and say I might be able to find a girlfriend for you."

"Mom, don't meddle in it, I'm in charge of my affairs." Ye Jun felt that he had been reduced to relying on dating agencies to go on blind dates. The price will make others laugh to death.

"You..." The old lady burst into tears, "I don't even listen to what Mom you have a girlfriend and still need me to worry about it...which girl is now The ones that are not scarce are like a treasure..."

"Okay, okay, can't I go?" Ye Jun had to give in. At another quarter of the night, my old lady will stage a tragic scene of drinking medicine and hanging herself, and I can't afford to toss about it.

Unexpectedly, Sanye Jun sneaked away alone on Wednesday. It turned out that he wanted to mess up this matter first, so as not to be chased away by his mother. He searched carefully by the lake, and saw the "Shen Yuan Dating Agency" under the cover of a green bamboo. The outer wall is made of beige marble tiles, inlaid with a lot of dark green glass, which looks very foreign.

Ye Jun opened the door and went in, suddenly felt that he came to another world. A pair of goat horns hang from the walls of the hall, surrounded by hides and feathers. Even the stools are made of wooden blocks, like a wizard's grotto, a sense of mystery that travels through time and space blows over us.

Suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere, with hair standing on end like a hedgehog, and asked: "Hello! Are you looking for someone?"

"Yeah!" Ye The army was astonished. Is this a primitive man? Why do you still have such a hairstyle? Fortunately, another well-dressed beauty came over and introduced herself: "Hi, my name is Chen Ling, and I'm in charge of reception work. It was my husband just now, named Wu Dahai. He has a weird personality, don't mind."

"Oh!" Ye Jun calmed down a little, "I heard that you are very effective in introducing someone, right?"

"That is, if you introduce someone here, you are 100% guaranteed to be successful." Wu Dahai looked smug .

Oh! What a big breath! Ye Jun thought for a while: "Then how much do you have to pay to sign up with you?"

"Five thousand yuan, not less." Wu Dahai's expression was even more arrogant.

So expensive? Ye Jun almost blurted out, and after thinking for a while, he said, "It's okay to pay five thousand yuan, but I have a condition. You must help me succeed in the blind date, otherwise I will pay 10,000 yuan, how about it?"

"This..." Chen Ling hesitated.

"Hmph! I knew you didn't dare. Who would dare to guarantee a blind date? If you don't have diamonds, don't take on the porcelain work. Why pretend to be so bluffing?" Ye Jun looked at Wu Dahai disdainfully.

Wu Dahai shuddered violently: "Ten thousand is ten thousand, am I afraid?" He actually picked up a pen and wrote a contract according to this meaning. When you're done, sign your name with a wave of your pen. Chen Ling watched from the side, but she didn't persuade her.

Ye Jun was secretly happy, and it turned out that this was a "provoking method". The purpose was to anger Wu Dahai and make a choice when he was in a daze, but unexpectedly he fell into the trick. Now that the contract is in hand, it can be guaranteed against loss, and there is still a compensation of 10,000 yuan, who would not covet it?

After the contract was signed, Chen Ling said: "Mr. Ye, before I introduce you to someone, I have a few questions, and you have to answer them truthfully. The first question, if there are four kinds of fruits: apples, bananas, oranges , grapes. You sort them in the order you like, how would you arrange them?"

How difficult is this? Ye Jun answered casually: "Grapes, bananas, apples, oranges."

In this way, Ye Jun did about 10 questions.

Chen Ling wrote down one by one, and also registered some other information. Only then did Ye Jun pay the money, left the dating agency, and reported to his mother when he returned home. The mother laughed when she heard it, as if her son already had a girlfriend.

Three days later, Ye Jun received a call from Chen Ling, saying that he had made an appointment with a girl named Yu Feiyan. They met in a cafe and went as agreed.

When we met for the first time, Ye Jun felt that Yu Feiyan looked ordinary, so he couldn't help being a little disappointed, but he looked fair and clean, and after chatting for a while, he gradually realized that he and Yu Feiyan could talk about any topic Together, even the opinions are surprisingly consistent, and I can't help but feel that she is getting more and more beautiful, and my heart becomes hotter without realizing it.

Yu Feiyan also thinks Ye Jun is very funny, his words and deeds are full of gentlemanly demeanor, and his eyes are full of appreciation. The more they chatted, the more speculative they became, and they seemed to hate seeing each other later. After finishing the coffee, we went to watch a movie, but we still didn't want to separate, so we had a meal together, and we didn't break up until it was getting late.

Ye Jun went home and lay on the bed with Yu Feiyan still in his mind. The two are really in harmony, like the other half that has been missing for a long time, but fell in love with her in one day, it is simply amazing! But there was still a deep uneasiness hidden in his heart. Nearly late at night, he received a message on his mobile phone. The uneasiness finally became a cruel reality. His heart felt like someone had stabbed him hard. He decided to ask Chen Ling about it. understand.

The next day he came to the dating agency and questioned Chen Ling: "Yu Feiyan is a trustee, and you even introduced me to him, why are you at ease?"

Chen Ling is a little Surprised, he lowered his head and said nothing, but Wu Dahai jumped out: "How could Yu Feiyan be the trustee?"

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