Story meeting: [New Tale] A Strange Night

On the evening of New Year's Eve, people who are away from home are returning home to celebrate the New Year. However, there are these four men in the village, who celebrate the New Year in a different way. They like to gamble a little money on weekdays. They only hate that they are too busy when they are part-time jobs and they are not together, so they have not been able to enjoy themselves. Now that they get together for the New Year, they decided to Big gamble.

This is a forester's house, located on the edge of the forest, very quiet. The forester went home for the New Year. Four people asked him for the key and decided to play here all night. They didn't I forgot to say hello to my family. Although the family members are reluctant, they are not against it. After all, it is the Spring Festival.

Following the sound of shuffling the cards, the four of them started to gamble, but they didn't like it and decided to bet big. In the intense and exciting battle, it was past ten o'clock at night before he knew it, and there was already a large pile of cash in front of the man in the east. He was lucky and relaxed, and this relaxation was incredible. He felt hungry. up. He said: "Dude, I'm looking for a stutterer. The three of you arrived home first, and you all have enough to eat and drink. What about me? I was dragged here by you as soon as I got home after traveling a long distance. I didn't even have a mouthful of hot water. Eat it."

The other three said: "Say it earlier, how can there be food here? You have to go to the small shop in the village to buy it, and it will take at least half an hour to go back and forth."

The people in the east said: "Then you wait a moment, I will hurry up, okay?"

He was about to move when someone spoke. It was a person from the south. He is a loser. After a round, he was not happy now, and said: "Dude, you are wrong, I just had a round with you and you have to stop, isn't this obviously messing with my luck?" The people in the east were also anxious: "But I can't starve to death, can I?"

As soon as these words came out, the four of them were secretly startled. We were usually good friends, why did they get on the hook as soon as they met? You must know that everyone only sees each other once a year, hey, it really echoes the old saying: there is little favor in the gambling field. But now no one can lose face and can't step down. As he was freezing, there was a soft "creak" outside, as if someone had stepped on a branch.

When the four of them heard this, the hairs all over their bodies stood on end. It's cold in the dead of night, who is it? It's fine if it's a human being, I'm afraid... it's not a human being! In the deep mountains and old forests, what kind of things are there? Everyone looked at each other, and they could read the deep fear in each other's eyes. They opened the door and looked outside. The snow field was empty. Oh, there was something on the ground, which was an insulated lunch box.

The people in the east hurriedly brought the lunch box into the house, opened it and saw that there were delicious glutinous rice balls inside! The other three said together: "Aren't you hungry? It's all right now, you don't need to go down the mountain to buy it, eat it, eat it!"

The people in the east said: "Who sent this? I have to Look for it."

The other three people stopped him early: "What are you looking for? Playing cards is important."

The east sidePeople had no choice but to start eating, and they were stunned after taking the first bite, but the other three people couldn't allow him to think too much, and said like a ghost, "Saving the scene is like putting out a fire, hurry up!"

The four continued to fight, and another hour passed in a flash. The people in the south suddenly groaned, and a look of pain appeared on their faces. The other three hurriedly asked: "What's the matter with you?"

The person in the south said with difficulty, clutching his stomach, "I forgot to take my stomach medicine at night, so I have to go home to get it."

The other three shouted together: "Hey, look at this mother-in-law, isn't it just a stomach problem? Is it a problem? We are working outside, who doesn't eat without a meal? Just let it go. You go here for at least half an hour, why are the three of us waiting for you?"

The people in the south were also anxious when they heard this, and asked with red eyes: "Are you still human?"

>The people in the east did not show any weakness: "What did you say to me when I was hungry just now?"

At this moment, there was another "creak" sound outside. The room suddenly fell silent. It took a long time for everyone to have the courage to open the door and have a look. There was a box of medicine outside the door, which was the stomach medicine that people in the south often take.

Whatever you want to eat, what you want to eat, and what you want to get medicine, what's going on? Who cares, everyone is so jealous of gambling that they don't have time to think about it.

In the middle of the night, the silence was suddenly broken, and the thrilling sound of gongs sounded in the village. The gong is only used in emergencies such as fires. What happened now?

The four jumped up instinctively, ran to the door, and looked down into the village from a high position. There was no fire, so there was no fire, but the lights of every house were on. Obviously, everyone was awakened by the sound of gongs. The barking of dogs rang out.

Suddenly, the mobile phone of the person in the north rang. It's definitely not a good thing to call in the middle of the night. When he answered it, his face immediately changed. The call was from his daughter who had just entered junior high school, and the daughter's voice was crying: "Dad, where are you? Our house has been broken into!"

The people in the north were so anxious that their throats became hoarse: " Daughter, have things been stolen from our house?"

My daughter said: "I didn't steal much, and the thief was caught by everyone just now, but you came back, Dad, I'm afraid!"

The wife of this man in the north has gone back to her natal home to take care of her sick mother, and there is only one daughter at home. Now he glanced at the other three people, and the other three turned their faces away to ignore him. He understood, sighed, and said, "Girl, I really can't go away. Just let the thief catch this. It's okay." , you rest, don’t be afraid.”

After returning to the hut, the man in the north sighed and said, “I won’t go back if a thief breaks into my house. I don’t know how frightened my daughter is.”

The people in the west smacked their lips and said: "Tonight is a bit weird. You three have encountered troubles one after another. It's my turn."

At this time, the people in the east bowed their heads and said: " I...that box of glutinous rice balls was sent by my mother, and I tasted it after I took a bite."

The people in the south stretched out their hands and scratched their heads and said, "I guess the box of stomach medicineIt was brought by my daughter-in-law, she knew I couldn't do without this medicine. "

The four sighed for a while, and said one after another: "We don't look like individuals, and our hearts are gone." " "Who said no?" Hey, forget it tonight, and never gamble again. "

After sighing, the four of them unanimously agreed to simply gamble tonight. The four of them gambled until dawn.

Suddenly, the small wooden door was knocked hastily, and the four of them were so frightened that their hearts were pounding. Is it the police? No, it was an uncle of the man in the west .

Uncle looked exasperated: "I found you! Your father had an acute appendicitis attack at night, and no one sent him to the hospital. He called you, but you refused to answer! "

The man in the west's legs softened and asked, "Where is my dad now?" "

Uncle rolled his eyes and shouted: "Come back with me, and do the funeral!" "

Story meeting: [New Tale] A Strange Night

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