Strict father forced me to grow into a "rich generation"

Feng Shaofeng, a popular first-line actor, became famous in 2011 by playing the role of "Eighth Prince" in "Palace". Many people don't know that his father is a domestic textile giant with a net worth of 1 billion. As the sole heir, he will take over the family business sooner or later, and he is a veritable "second generation of rich". But he prefers to be called "the rich generation". In 2011 alone, his income from TV dramas exceeded 10 million yuan. With the addition of endorsements and catwalks, his annual income has reached 20 million yuan.

Dad left me a "will"

If there is no accident, I should have lived like this: If the luxury house is out, then the sports car is, and after three days, he will go to his own company to wander around, and become the chairman of the board after a few years or more than ten years. But when I was 18 years old, my father told me very directly that he made a will, and he would leave me as much wealth as I brought back with me in the future. The implication is that if I come back empty-pocketed, the family business will be out of my league.

So, I started to plan for my future when I was in high school. After entering the Shanghai Theater Academy, while many students were enjoying campus life carefree, I was busy meeting directors, producers, and brokerage companies one by one. I received a lot of cold reception and a lot of blank stares. After graduation, because no one supported me, I could only audition everywhere, and I also played supporting roles. Two years later, I embarked on the road to Beijing with only 8,400 yuan in my pocket.

Strict father forced me to grow into a "rich generation"

I earned the first pot of gold in my life

I came to Beijing, rented a basement, and ate instant noodles for a month Finally, I finally had the opportunity to join the crew to film. Because the pay is not high, in order to make more money. At most, I have seven or eight movies and TV series in my body at the same time. From zero net worth to 100,000 yuan is a hurdle, and from 100,000 yuan to 1 million yuan is another hurdle. After that, the money comes quickly and fiercely. I bought a house and a car in Beijing. When I went back to Shanghai to visit my family, I gave my parents a pair of IWC couple watches as a gift. At this time, my father said that his "will" back then was just a means to urge me to make progress. No matter whether I was competitive or not, his family business would always be left to me. It's just that it used to be a question of whether he would give it to me, but now it's a question of whether I want it or not.

Acquiring shares in my father's company

After standing in the ranks of first-line actors. Making money has become an easy thing.

When my personal assets exceeded 10 million yuan, I took my parents on a luxurious trip to Hawaii. First-class cabins, staying in the presidential suite, renting a yacht to go out to sea, and traveling in a Rolls-Royce convertible car... Dad smacked his lips and said that he had never had such a luxury in his life. I said that if I used his money to play like this, I would definitely Being crowned with ready-made two words - prodigal;But if you spend your own money, that's another word-chic.

Dad is slowly getting older, he said he wants to retire early and travel around the world with his mother. As for the specific day to retire, it depends on the day I am willing to go back and take over. But I haven't considered this matter yet, I maintain the workload of hundreds of episodes of TV series every year, and I don't spend a penny for the filming of TV series, all of which are used to buy the stock of my father's company. I hope that one day, I can become a top-ranking individual shareholder of my father's company based on my shareholding, instead of entering the board of directors by inheriting my father's shares!

Sometimes I look back and see that my father’s trick of “false will” is very beautiful. If one is not forced to a certain point, it is difficult to unleash a powerful potential that even oneself does not believe. So, when I have a child in the future, I really hope that my child can be as unyielding as me...

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