The story of the general: Chen Qian’s general Hua Jiao’s brief introduction He was loyal to Emperor Chen Wen but why did he turn against the Chen Dynasty in the end?

Hua Jiao, a native of Jiyang, Jinling (now Jiangyin, Jiangsu), has been an official for generations in his family, but they are all minor officials. The greatest opportunity in Hua Jiao's life was to meet Chen Qian (later Emperor Chen Wen), which is why Hua Jiao had the chance to rise to the top and become a general.

During the Hou Jing Rebellion, Hua Jiao worked under Hou Jing's accomplice Wang Wei. Chen Wendi Chen Qian was imprisoned during the Hou Jing Rebellion, and Hua Jiao met Chen Qian this time. During the imprisonment, he took good care of Chen Qian, and Chen Qian owed Hua Jiao a favor.

After the Hou Jing Rebellion was put down, Chen Qian became the prefect of Wu Xing, and he appointed Hua Jiao as the governor of the capital. . This position is very important, but Hua Jiao is a person who has strong execution ability and pays attention to details, so he did a good job in this job, which was appreciated by Chen Qian.

At that time, there were frequent wars, the people's life was very difficult, and there was a famine year, so Huajiao made a plan to make people hungry and warm The food and clothing that the common people can sustain them comforted these common people.

This incident made Chen Qian see Hua Jiao's talent, and made him feel a little inferior as a capital recorder, so she promoted Hua Jiao to be the head of Jiyang and Shanyin magistrate.

After Chen Qian ascended the throne as Emperor Wen, she appointed Hua Jiao as General Kaiyuan and General Zuojun. In the first year of Tianjia, he was granted the title of uncle of Huairen County, with four hundred households in Shiyi. Hua Jiao's promotion step by step, in addition to his real talents and learning, is also inseparable from Emperor Chen Wen's special treatment of him. Therefore, Hua Jiao has always been moved by Emperor Chen Wen's kindness to him, and worked conscientiously for Emperor Chen Wen.

When Wang Lin rebelled, Emperor Wen sent Hua Jiao to suppress it. After pacifying Wang Lin, Huajiao guarded Pancheng and took charge of Jiangzhou's political affairs. At that time, there were many wealthy and evil gentry in Jiangzhou, and they did not abide by the court's laws and regulations. Emperor Wen sent Hua Jiao to deal with this group of people. As a result, Hua Jiao dealt with this group of people severely. These people are honest.

Zhou Di rebelled and sent his brother's son to lead the army to ambush in the boat, pretending that he was a merchant ship doing business, but in fact wanted to go to Pancheng to attack Huajiao. This plan seemed perfect, but Hua Jiao learned about it in advance, preemptively seized their ships and weapons, and then Hua Jiao was ordered to lead the army to conquer Zhou Di.

Hua Jiao is not only good at leading troops, but also good at doing business. He operates and sells a variety of dishes from Hunan and Sichuan.Souvenirs and business proceeds are all donated to the imperial court. There are also food trees, preserved vegetables and so on that the court needs, all of which are sent to the court through his hands.

Emperor Chen Fei ascended the throne, and Huajiao was granted the title of General Annan in Jin Dynasty, and changed to Marquis of Chong'an County, with 1,500 households in Shiyi. At this time, Huajiao's position in the court can be said to be unparalleled, and his power was overwhelming for a while. But Hua Jiao is not the kind of person who can do whatever he wants with the power in his hand. Emperor Wen has the kindness to know him, and he can give his whole heart to Emperor Wen. He is the most loyal courtier of Emperor Wen.

Hua Jiao is in a high position, but he is becoming more and more cautious. He is afraid that Chen Gaozong will think that he is a master of merit, and he will kill him. But the death of General Han Zigao shocked him, as if Emperor Chen Fei wanted to protest against him.

Hua Jiao became more and more anxious, so Hua Jiao began to dress up and gather disciples to prepare for the rebellion. At that time, the imperial court repeatedly ordered Hua Jiao to send the large ship Golden Wing, but Hua Jiao refused. What if it was prepared by the imperial court to attack him.

The story of the general: Chen Qian’s general Hua Jiao’s brief introduction He was loyal to Emperor Chen Wen but why did he turn against the Chen Dynasty in the end?

In order to test Chen Gaozong's attitude, Hua Jiao wrote to the court requesting to be stationed in Guangzhou. Zong's attitude towards him.

Hua Jiao secretly contacted Bei Zhou and Hou Liang, begging for help. Before Huajiao really started the incident, Chen Gaozong couldn't help but to start first. First, he dispatched 30,000 veteran generals to lead the troops and headed towards Huajiao by boat. Wen Tong and others led their troops to conquer Huajiao.

Hua Jiao was a bit caught off guard and lost the opportunity, and most of the subordinates who originally belonged to him were rebelled by the court, Hua Jiao's strength was greatly reduced. In the Battle of Bazhou, he used fire attack to deal with the imperial court, but the wind turned and his own warship was burned, and God did not help Huajiao.

Hua Jiao threw away his helmet and armor, fled in a hurry, was cornered by the pursuers, had to surrender, and was eventually killed.

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