The story of the harem: Why did King Helu of Wu bury his beloved daughter with thousands of people? Why did the princess choose to commit suicide?

There are many favored princesses in history, such as Princess Tao Chang of the Han Dynasty, Princess Taiping of the Tang Dynasty and so on. But when it comes to the ancestor of the favored princess, it is inseparable from the Spring and Autumn Princess Tengyu.

Princess Tengyu has a lot of background, her father is King Helu of Wu, the Five Hegemons of Spring and Autumn. Princess Tengyu, also known as Princess Shengyu, is the youngest daughter of Helu, king of Wu, and the most favored one. She was about fourteen or fifteen years old when she died. He Lu was so saddened by the loss of his beloved daughter that he caused a city of ten thousand people to be buried, which was extremely senseless and cruel.

As for why the princess died young, the reason is beyond your imagination, it is suicide. The princess of a strong country, her father is extremely favored, her life should be carefree, she can get whatever she wants, why did she commit suicide when she couldn't figure it out? It has to start with a fish.

There are many lakes in the land of Wuyue, so "fish" is a very common and often eaten dish by Wu people. On this day, King Helu of Wu had lunch with Princess Tengyu and the queen. During the period, I talked with the queen and Princess Tengyu about attacking Chu State. It can also be seen here that Princess Tengyu should be smart and insightful.

Wu Wang had a steamed fish on his dinner table, and he ate half of it. Maybe it was because she felt that Princess Tengyu was very insightful and in order to reward her, maybe it was simply because the steamed fish was delicious and she wanted to share it with her favorite daughter, so she asked someone to serve the remaining half of the fish to the princess.

This is not a big deal, and it is also a manifestation of good feelings between father and daughter today. But I don't know what kind of madness Princess Tengyu had at that time, or the little emotions of puberty, anyway, she got angry on the spot.

She didn't even eat, she threw away the bowl and chopsticks and yelled at her father: "How can you insult me ??with the fish you have eaten?"

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Wu Wanghelu definitely It was also comforting for a while, but Princess Tengyu didn't listen at all, turned around and left. Let's go, and King Wu didn't think much about it. But Princess Tengyu, who had returned to the palace, was very wronged, feeling that she had been greatly insulted, she couldn't figure it out for a while and drew her sword to kill herself.

The story of the harem: Why did King Helu of Wu bury his beloved daughter with thousands of people? Why did the princess choose to commit suicide?

When King Wu heard the news, he went to his daughter's residence and saw a dead body lying in a pool of blood. His beloved daughter committed suicide because of a fish, and King Wu regretted and was heartbroken, feeling unbearably sad. But the person is gone and cannot be recovered, and can only be compensated with a generous burial.

"Wuyue Spring and Autumn" records Princess Tengyu: "Buried at Changmen in the west of the country, digging a pond outside to accumulate soil, and aragonite as the coffin. The title is Zhong, Jinding jade cups, silver bottles and pearl jackets are all given to girls. "

It is conceivable how rich the funeral objects in the tomb of Princess Tengyu are. However, it is said that the tomb of Princess Tengyu "dugs the pond to accumulate soil, and the place where it is dug becomes Taihu Lake. Today's female grave lake is also. "Although it cannot be today's "Taihu Lake", Princess Tengyu should also be buried in the lake, and it is difficult for future generations to find. So what precious treasures are in the tomb can only be imagined.

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In addition to the rich burial objects, the king of Wu also ordered thousands of people to be buried in the city. So many people will inevitably cause a sensation, and it is impossible to arrest people randomly from the street, so the king of Wu thought of a way 。

When Princess Tengyu was going to the funeral, the King of Wu ordered people to dance white cranes in the market. Hundreds of people each held a huge white crane. It is made into a body and wings, and when people pull the thread, the wings flap. Hundreds of people dance, which is spectacular.

Where have ordinary people in the market seen such a battle? They formed a circle as if they were curious. When the people who danced the white cranes started to leave, these people followed behind, as many as ten thousand people. The soldiers who maintained order did not intend to drive them away, and the white crane danced even more vigorously. , as if welcoming the people to watch. So the people are very excited and very happy to watch.

The white crane danced all the way to the tomb of Princess Tengyu. At this time, the soldiers were dispatched. Drive all the people who came along to the tomb, and then close the door of the tomb. So these ten thousand people have become the funeral objects of Princess Tengyu.

Of course a tomb It can't hold ten thousand people, so maybe these people were killed by soldiers, or drowned in the lake when it was filled with water.

Wu Wang used ten thousand innocent people The common people buried their daughters, which naturally aroused criticism. According to legend, the famous sword Zhanlu turned into a Chinese sturgeon and left because Wu Wang Helu acted innocently.

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