The tearful lines in Naruto

The lines that make people cry in Naruto

Introduction: In May 2010, the circulation of "Naruto" in Japan exceeded 100 million, which is Shueisha Since the establishment of the company, it is the fifth comic with a circulation of more than 100 million copies after "Oolong Police Station", "Dragon Ball", "Slam Dunk" and "One Piece". As of 2014, more than 200 million copies of "Naruto" comics have been published worldwide. In China, it can be said that Hokage has accompanied the growth of a generation and is the eternal childhood memory of a generation. The following are some lines in "Naruto" that moved us and made people cry, compiled for you by the editor of Inspirational Hope you all enjoy reading!


Each person will rely on his own knowledge and understanding, and be bound by these things, and call these things reality. Knowledge and understanding are very ambiguous things, that reality may be nothing more than an illusion, people live in the life they imagine, don’t they?


Sasuke: I I've already lost everything... so I don't want to see my most cherished companions die in front of me.


Sasuke (Shippuden): There are too many fetters, and you will only lose yourself.


I am the undead of Uchiha... Uchiha Madara, to some extent, can be regarded as a god of death... Indeed , if there is no golem behind me to keep adding chakra to me, I, an old bastard, will die in the next second.


In order to let the world understand the real pain, use the horror of this pain to suppress wars, and bring the world into stability and peace. . . In this never-ending chain of hatred, more important than pain is to breed a short-lived peace. This is my wish——peace is here. . . 【Pain's body—Nagato appears!!!】


Their huts have been built, and all that is needed now is to throw them in.


This is the final battle! Let's have a showdown, let's see my strength and the strength of the two of you... Which side is stronger !!!


Kakashi (to Sasuke): Don’t think about revenge anymore, even if you get revenge, there will only be emptiness left

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Lee: Konoha's lotus will bloom again!


Youth waits for no one~ This is youth~ (Kai and Xiao Li..)


Shino: I belong to the Konoha clan Yume Shino... In battle, no matter how weak the opponent is, I will not underestimate him... I will definitely go all out!


Because you are happy, so I am happy, I sincerely thank the miracle for us to meet, and there is no more fear on the road of life from now on


Really? It's a good ideal, and it turns out that is the real justice. However, you have ruined my whole family, my companions, and my village as you have now. Are you the only ones who can define peace and justice?


I met a black cat on the way here and lost my way on the road of life! (——Uchi Wave Obito) [Classic excuse for being late]


Naruto (theatre version): Don't accept that kind of fate that is not pleasing to the eye!


The second generation of Hokage, Sarutobi, protect the village, protect the people who trust you, and then cultivate the next generation who can be entrusted with important responsibilities. Starting tomorrow, you will be Hokage!

The tearful lines in Naruto


For me, important people are not necessarily kind. Even if they know that this is doing evil, people still cannot overcome loneliness. ———Gara


Sasuke: For are already my closest friend...(to Naruto)


Tangible things will eventually wither, only memories will never fade (tsunade).


Now I have no brothers.. and I can’t trust you anymore.. If I want to confide in my heart.. either kill my brother or commit suicide. .This is even..I can trust you too..


Sasuke: Because of the ties of family affection, once it is lost, it will hurt.


Naruto: I always say what I have to say, because this is my ninja way!


Has that guy become a useless person? I wanted to compete with Hashirama before becoming Ten Tails Jinchuriki...There is no way. .It's time to use reincarnation on are the pawn I kept by my side in order to resurrect myself. Now is the time for you to repay me.


Everything in the world is integrated with me, and I will become a perfect body that unifies all.


--Shikamaru with an IQ above 200


Don’t worry, I will protect you even if I die , my partner, will never be killed! - Hatake Kakashi


Your country is too large, so you must protect your country's interests in the battles of other big countries, otherwise, the country, villages, and people will suffer. However, it is our weak and small countries that have become the battlefields of your big countries. Every time there is a war, the livelihood of the people in my country is ruined, and the hungry prisoners are everywhere... After countless wars, the big country is still safe and peaceful, but our small country is left with endless pain.


Naruto: How will you know this kind of thing if you don’t try it! !


For me, you are a family member that I had so hard to have, so I must stop you——Uzumaki Naruto


Bai: Ah. . . And one more thing. . . I'm a man


Finally.. Nagato that kid.. It seems that he has grown a lot.. )


Three generations (when Iruka was teaching students at the foot of the rock, the third generation randomly entered) There is only one life in this world, so you don’t have to force yourself to choose a path you don’t like, live with your nature It doesn't matter if you die as you please, but no matter which path you choose, don't forget to protect the people you cherish.


Chakra belongs to this sacred tree! All the chakras here and the great chakras you have are..


Look carefully, this is the end of a man who is desperately living. ----Kakashi vs. Naruto


The lotus of Konoha will bloom again (Xiao Li)


Love is charming only when it is gentle, and love is stable only when it is noisy. Love does not need each other's seriousness and care, but the most sincere nature, understanding and harmony.


I hope that when you grow up, you will remember that old man said something like this, which will definitely come in handy for your future. This is a way of thinking——fire The will... Where the leaves fly, the fire will burn. The fire will light up the village. The leaves will sprout again... The true power of a ninja will be shown when you want to protect the people you cherish the most. . . . .


You have seen a tree, but you have not seen a forest, but you do not understand the meaning of peace, obediently let it go! Your death will promote peace!< /p>


When the body is injured, it will bleed and it looks painful, but as time goes by, the pain will naturally disappear. If it is treated with medicine, it will get better faster. But psychological trauma is more troublesome. Nothing is more difficult to heal than heartache. Physical injury is a bit different from mental injury. Psychological trauma has no cure, and even a lifetime cannot be cured. Even so, there is one thing that can heal the trauma of the heart, but this It is not easy to get a prescription, only from othersget. The only thing that can heal the trauma in the heart is love. The so-called love is to sacrifice for the most important person around you, and protect her thoughts with compassion. (——Yashamaru)


Are you still waiting for the reaction of Naruto who has not moved? It seems that you care about him very much.


Three generations [Sarutobi Hiruza] As long as there are leaves flying, the fire will burn. The shadow of the fire will shine on the village, and, let new leaves sprout, when you want to protect the people you cherish the most. The true power of the ninja will be shown.木の叶が舞う地方がある控り、火は灯える.火の影は村を照らす, そして, 新しい叶発菊, 自分の大切な人を守りたい时.忍びの本件の力の力が投する.


I want to protect the person who is important to me, I want to realize his dream, that is my dream.


Uchiha Itachi's: I'm sorry, brother, I will accompany you next time /p>

Shikamaru: It is said that men can’t beat women...of course they don’t want to be beaten...


Didara, tremble! Marvel !Desperate! Cry loudly! My art is-drink-explode!


The blood and tears of the dead mixed into the rolling quicksand...will bestow Shura's stronger power


You can't understand the real pain


Me , I just want to be a ninja in peace, live in peace, marry a woman who is neither beautiful nor ugly, and have two children in peace, the first is a girl, and then a boy. After my daughter gets married and my son becomes independent, I will retire, play chess or Go with my friends in my spare time, live a leisurely secluded life, and then leave this world before my wife. It would be nice to have this kind of life. ———Shikamaru


The compatriots of the first Hokage and Konoha are all part of my body. Everyone in the village believes in me, and I also believe in everyone. This is Hokage!


Don't compare me to that kid who took years to bring his pet home!

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