Youth Digest: Everyone who wears this clothes is a good person

I saw a piece of news in the circle of friends. A sanitation worker in Jinhua called the police, saying that when he was sweeping the road, a little boy always followed him. The little boy said It is a dialect, unable to communicate, probably lost. The police arrived, and upon questioning, the little boy was indeed lost, and the police contacted the little boy's family.

This is a heartwarming story. But what really brought everyone to tears in this story was not how everyone helped a lost little boy, but what the little boy said. Afterwards, everyone asked the little boy, why did he follow a sanitation worker after he lost his way? The little boy, who was only six or seven years old, said that because people who wear this kind of clothes are good people.

The "clothes" that the little boy said is the "uniform" of the sanitation workers that we see every day in the streets and alleys - the yellow vest.

A six or seven-year-old boy's cognition is mostly obtained through parents, teachers, books, and TV. That is to say, before that, someone must have told him that wearing "yellow" on the road The sanitation workers in the waistcoat are all good people. So, when he got lost, when he was alone and helpless, he chose to follow a sanitation worker who was sweeping the road, which made him feel safe.

I want to say, boy, your choice is right. I also want to say, boy, whoever told you this "experience" was right.

As adults, we also have choices about who we turn to when we need help. The most common encounter is to ask for directions.

Who would you ask for directions on a strange street?

Most people will choose to wear uniforms, including policemen, soldiers, security guards, urban management, etc., because they usually know the surrounding situation best and will be happy to help you no matter how busy they are.

Some people will choose the owners of small shops around, the bike repairers who set up stalls, and the sanitation workers who sweep the roads, because they are generally very enthusiastic to guide you. If they don't know it themselves, they will take the initiative to ask other people for you.

Some people choose to ask the elders for directions, while others like to ask women for directions, because most of these two groups of people will not tease or deceive you, and will not deliberately point you to the wrong way.

Some people will choose to ask for directions from several people traveling together, or people who seem to be lovers. One is that there are many people, and the chances of knowing the path are higher. Another important point is that When a person is in a group of acquaintances, when a person is in love, he tends to be more sincere, kinder, and warmer.

Some people will choose people who look good to ask directions. No matter who you choose to ask for directions, if you choose him, it shows that you trust him, and you believe that the person you ask for help will help you.

Conversely, when you are walking down the street, you will be the one who is often chosen for helpObject person? When others ask you for help, do you always extend your hand enthusiastically to help others?

It is undoubtedly a happy and gratifying thing to be trusted, especially by strangers.

The reason why the sanitation master in Jinhua was convinced by a little boy who is not familiar with the world is that he was wearing a yellow vest, because the huge group of sanitation workers has been in people's minds for many years The image established: industrious, kind, sincere, and simple. These qualities together build the social positioning of a good person who wears a "yellow vest".

If one day, when we are educating our children, we can tell him without worry that when you get lost or need other help, you can safely ask any adult you meet for help. How wonderful is this society? And this requires the efforts of each of us, because you and I are one of them.

Youth Digest: Everyone who wears this clothes is a good person

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