Youth Digest: Retrograde fish and downstream leaves

On the way, the young monk kept complaining to the old monk: "It's so comfortable to sit in the meditation room and recite sutras, why do you have to come out for alms from thousands of miles away?"
< br>Walking to the river, the little monk saw a few fish swimming against the water, and began to use the topic again: "These fish are so stupid, swimming against the water is so laborious and hard."

"But they are Have fun!" said the old monk.

"It's hard work, how can it be happiness?" The little monk expressed his puzzlement.

"What they enjoy is the joy of struggle!" said the old monk.

"Walk along the water, isn't it more comfortable and comfortable? Isn't it possible to enjoy a greater happiness?" The little monk retorted.

"Have you seen that yellow leaf?" The old monk pointed to a yellow leaf floating on the river and said, "Only dead things will drift with the current and enjoy this kind of ease and comfort. "

Youth Digest: Retrograde fish and downstream leaves

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