Youth Digest: Why Not Your Own

In the early winter of that year, I quit my job and returned to the small town where I rented. One evening, a slight slurping sound was heard in the neighbor's yard. It turned out that the daughter of the neighbor's middle school came back, probably because she didn't get the first place in the class, and she was complaining to her father about her grievances. After figuring out what was going on, the father smiled and said earnestly, "Son, remember. Ask yourself two reasons for everything. After you ask, you will be at peace."

I held my breath and listened carefully. The girl also stopped crying, probably, she is also listening to her father's teachings:

"The first 'why': Why can't the stabbing test come first? In this world, there is a sky beyond the sky, and there are mountains beyond the mountains , you are smart, and others are smarter than you. Since you can take the first place in the exam, why can’t others be the first?

"The second 'why': why didn't I take the first place in the test? It must be this time. Your knowledge is not solid, or you don't work hard enough. In short, you must be inferior to others. Only when you find these deficiencies can you truly see yourself clearly. Child, you know, in this world. There is no effect without a cause. "

It's really enlightening. There are thousands of knots in my heart, and I'm relieved in an instant.

Actually, I resigned angrily because of unfair treatment. I don't understand, and I Xiao Li, who joined the company together, was first promoted to be the manager of the Beijing branch, and then sent to study in the UK. But I was still under the boss's hands. I was busy writing copywriting and planning every day like a spinning top, but I couldn't see There is no sign of being promoted, and even the salary has not increased by one point.

Fortunately, when life suffered setbacks, in such a small town, I was able to live next to a wise man. I was relieved and returned to the city .

In life, if opportunities, favors, honors, and applause always pass us by, we might as well put down our complaints and ask ourselves two "whys" calmly: Why can't it be someone else's? Why? Don’t belong to me?

In this way, I asked. After thinking about it, my heart calmed down.

Youth Digest: Why Not Your Own

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